I remember a couple of years ago, I came across some websites that allowed users to design your own shirt and leather bags. Finally, in Singapore, we ladies can let our imagination run wild and design our very own coveted shoes with The Shoe Design Studio.

Here’s the pair of shoes that I designed. Blue Leather + Teal Patent + Pink Nubuck + Black Trimming = MsGlitzy’s Special Shoes!

The Design Studio application is pretty easy to use, and be prepared to spend a lot of time there deliberating on your design. There were numerous shoe designs that you could start with – pumps, sandals, T-strap etc. You could also choose the type of heels ranging from 2.5 inches to 4 inches, as well as the specific heel design.

Subsequently, you will be guided to decide on the colours and materials of the different parts of your shoes. There is quite a good selection to choose from – fabric, leather, ponyhair and lace, just to name a few. True to the spirit of custom-made shoes, you are required to draw the outline of your feet with specific instructions on measurements, and The Shoe Design Studio will manufacture them to the right fit!

Each pair of made-to-measure shoes cost S$230, and if you use premium material in your design, the price would be about S$250.

One tip to share here, try to make use of the “Quick Chat” function on the website to discuss with the designer about your options. If you have something specific in mind, your dream design might still be attainable although it is not available on the template at the Design Studio application.

Some sample designs made from Shoe Design Studio.

Back to my colour block shoes, the material used looks decent and the fit is perfect. These shoes are manufactured in Singapore and each order takes about 3 weeks to make and deliver to your doorstep.

The downside? What you see on the computer screen might differ slightly from what you get in real life.

The design I created on the application, which varied slightly from the shoes in real life. The Teal portion looked more green on the web, but was Baby Blue in real life.

Nonetheless, I am still pretty delighted with the outcome. Now, moving on to the next first world problem – which outfits to go with my new pair of shoes?

For close-up pictures of the shoes, please visit my Facebook album.

DIY设计概念,大家应该都相当熟悉。来自新加坡的The Shoe Design Studio让时髦的现代女性设计自己喜欢的鞋子,从鞋子的款式,鞋跟的高度以及形状,到每个部分的颜色以及材料,各个细节都照顾到。材料以及款式的选择相当多,本人便花了好多时间设计心仪的鞋子。若认为网站上的选择不适合阁下,您也可以通过电邮或Quick Chat与店员沟通,制作属于你自己的设计。一般设计需要3个星期的制作时间,所有鞋子属于新加坡制造。

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