I was invited for a “Festive Look” makeover at Burberry Beauty a while ago. As most of you might know, Burberry Beauty line was only launched last year and in Singapore, this makeup brand is exclusively available at Tangs Orchard.

The new “Festive Look” introduced by Burberry Beauty is actually very light and mild, with a little glow and shimmer, and as the name suggests, suitable for the festive season. I almost mistook that as their Spring/Summer makeup series!

For a young makeup line, Burberry Beauty does have an extensive range of products and colours!

The powder products are embossed with the brand’s characteristic check patterns. Sheer eye shadow colour is priced at S$46.

Several shades of Lip Glow (i.e. lip glosses), priced at S$39 each.

Mascara (S$48) and eyeliner. The eyeliner is a pencil eyeliner, but it glides on really smoothly and the colour payoff is commendable!

Lip sticks (S$43) and lip liners (S$33). Burberry lip colours  seem quite sheer, so don’t be put off by how intense the lipstick looks.

Here are some tips that I picked up from the makeover:

1. Use a darker eyeshadow to colour your brows! I wonder why I have never thought of that. You could apply some dark brown eye shadow to your brows with a brow brush. This helps to create a pair of more dimensional eye brows!

2. Even if you are using a very light or beige eye shadow, apply a little bit of makeup base or tinted moisturizer after the eye shadow for a little sheen.

3. Instead of lining your eye with the pencil eyeliner in one strong straight line, you could “dot” the eye line with many little dots instead. This helps to create the illusion of volume.

Here’s my very own “Festive Look”. Very natural, the hint of festive season is probably from the well-drawn eyeliner and defined red lips. The Sheer Eye Shadows are very light, probably great for contouring or as a base.

Last but not least, check out this video tutorial produced by Burberry!

Burberry Beauty 彩妆品牌今年进驻新加坡。之前该品牌为本人做了一个makeover,利用假日系列的颜色呈现即自然又优雅的妆容。该彩妆的颜色其实都非常淡雅低调,就拿胭脂为例吧,外表看此来艳红得很,一抹上去是淡红色,自然又不夸张。Burberry的化妆品皆印有品牌著名的英伦格子,包装也非常精致。

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