I should hang my head low with shame because it has been a long time since I last wrote a dining review. Indeed, I am guilty for slacking off on the food front, and have been trying to catch with the endless slew of fashion and makeup news and story ideas.

It’s not as if I haven’t been visiting interesting eateries. One place that I recently been to is Antoinette, a French eatery set up by a Singaporean chef.

Set up by Chef Pang Kok Keong, previously from Canele, Antoinette is at 4 locations in Singapore – Penhas Road, Mandarin Gallery, Palais Renaissance and Scarlett Hotel. I visited the outlet at Mandarin Gallery. Except for the outlet at Penhas Road, the other 3 locations do not accept reservations.

I was there slightly before dinner hour, so we managed to get a table fairly easily. The decor of this eatery is European inspired – think elaborate chandeliers, plush velvet chairs and even a fireplace (a mock one, of course).

Wild Mushroom Risotto (S$24) and Concorde Savory Crepe (S$18.50) – To be honest, I was not particularly impressed by the main dishes for the day. The savory crepe was unique, but in my humble opinion, crepes belong to the category of “comfort food” and rarely disappoint. As for the risotto, my friend loved it for its authentic flavour, but I though the risotto tasted a little bit too soft, like congee, and lacked the light crunch that many such traditional versions offer.

However, based on many other reviews about Antoinette, the key attraction to this local establishment, is afterall, the desserts. Henceforth, a word of advice to those who intend to dine there. Leave loads of appetite for desserts!

Strawberry Baba (S$8.50) – The famed Strawberry Shortcake was sold out, so I settled for the Baba, which was apparently somewhat similar to the short cake. At the heart of the red baba cake was the light and fluffy chantilly cream, strawberries and cake. The interplay of the crunchier Baba pastry with the fluffy crux was both interesting and harmonious.

Earl Grey Ice-Cream (S$9) – The earl grey ice-cream was generously covered with raspberry source and copious amount of chocolate shavings. Once you peel away the bells and whistles, the ice-cream had a refreshing flavour and a rather light texture.


What I truly appreciate about Antoinette is the good ambiance. Unlike some other establishments, the service staff did not try to hassle diners into paying and leaving immediately after they have finished their meal although the length of the queue increased quite drastically at peak dinner hours.

Food wise, I was moderately satisfied and felt that the relaxed and quiet atmosphere, as well as the mid price-range more than made up for the dining experience. This is a place that I would consider for afternoon tete-a-tete with my friends.

Antoinette, 这家由新加坡师傅开设的法式餐厅,最近似乎颇受本地人的欢迎。一直以来对这家店的华丽装潢充满好奇。到底食物是否与装潢一样华丽,并充满欧洲情调呢?Antoinette的主要卖点是甜品,而且精致的蛋糕,确实没让人失望。偏爱甜食的您,可考虑到这家拥有华丽欧式气氛的餐厅,与可爱的蛋糕与甜点一齐享受懒洋洋的下午。

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