Recently, I was given new makeup items from Dior to play with. All these items are from their new Spring/Summer makeup collection.

(from left) Garden Party Edition 5 Couleurs Eye Shadow Palette in Garden Roses, New Look Mascara, Rouge Dior in Tulip Pink

This 5 Couleurs Eye Shadow Palette (S$95) looks too pretty to be used. I love the intricate details of the rose embossing to the extent that I was really reluctant to dip my brush on the palette. As you can see, most of the shades are very light, gentle and shimmery, but the centre purple shade has the strongest colour payoff. I like that this makes it easy for newbies to build up coverage, although impatient users would need to apply a few times before the colour really show against your skin.

Wearing the Garden Rose Eye Shadow Palette (S$95) and the Tulip Pink Rouge (S$44).

While I really think that the Garden Rose Eye Shadow Palette is a really pretty item to own, and if you do not own any purple/violet eye shadow palette, this beautifully-made pastel palette might be something for your consideration. However, one important observation is that the eye shadows can be a bit fragile where little specks of the powder gets knocked off the palette easily. This is definitely not a product to carry with you on-the-go.

Last but not least, I have been testing the New Look Mascara (S$52) for a week and I am really loving it. The “nano-brush” is sturdy and has been successful in coating the shorter lashes without smudging or clumping. I typically add about 2 coats and the application is smooth with no clumping experience. In short, it’s a pretty decent volumizing mascara.

The only downside is that $52 for a mascara could be a tad pricey for some people. I believe this is available in sample size, so you can try to get your hands on a sample before committing to a purchase decision.

一见到Dior春夏季彩妆系列的5色眼影盘,顿时有一种惊为天人的感觉。主题为“迷漾花园”,名为Garden Rose的紫色眼影盘镶有非常细致的玫瑰图案,令人舍不得使用。紫色系列的眼影非常晶莹粉嫩,亮度相当高。唯一缺点就是眼影粉不是很扎实,容易打散脱离眼影盘,不适合随身携带。刚在2月推出的New Look 睫毛膏也令我非常满意。虽然这支睫毛膏的刷子很短,但连较短的睫毛也不放过,而且轻而易举取得浓密的效果。虽然价格方面有些昂贵,但是效果不错,借此推荐给大家。


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