It’s technically still Chinese New Year, so while we bid goodbye to the first month of 2012, I would like to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year and have a prosperous Year of the Dragon.

The month of January saw me busy getting myself updated with the various Spring/Summer collections from various brands and beauty houses. Did any of the collections caught your eye? Meanwhile, here are my discovery posted on Facebook that you might have missed during the month.

[14 January 2012] I admit, I got a little shocked when I saw this… MULBERRY Alexa with Teddy Rivets. [link]

I believe there are 2 camps for the Mulberry Alexa with Teddy Rivets. Some love it, some hate it. I belong to the latter camp. Sorry folks, Teddy Bear Studs just don’t quite work for me.

[26 January 2012] For geeks who can’t get enough of the keyboard… here’s a “Key Bag” made from 400 plastic keyboard keys. [link]

After recovering the shock from the Mulberry bag with too many tiny teddy bears, I stumbled upon another weird bag in the market. However, this time, I kinda like this KeyBag for its quirkiness and the original design.

[22 January 2012] This is a Face Powder. Yes, the petals are actually powder for your face. Amazing – from Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée (the brand behind the famous Laduree macarons). [link]

[19 January 2012] Check out the loot of Yunie, winner of the My-Wardrobe US$1000 giveaway. She chose a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and Sam Edelman shoes. I’m so jealous! [link]

Remember the My-Wardrobe giveaway held in December? The winner emailed me pictures of her loot and had successfully transformed me to a green-eyed monster! I love her haul!

[19 January 2012] If I were a bride this year, I would want to be a smokin hot one like Charlize Theron at the Golden Globes… #justsaying [link]

I just thought that some of the celebrities’ looks at the Golden Globe are good inspirations for all bride-to-bes. For those who are getting their gowns made-to-measure, the dress worn by Charlize Theron makdes a decent and contemporary wedding dress! I love the “silver hairband on loose curls” hairdo as well.

[14 January 2012] 4 ways to tie a square scarf.. via Target Style! [link]

[10 January 2012] Goofing around with @xwen at @Mulberry Spring/Summer 2012 Press Day! [link]

I began this post with Mulberry and shall end this post with Mulberry too – this was taken at the SS2012 Press Day. Love this picture and the Safari-themed inflatables!


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