This month, I received two beauty surprises from Bella Box and Vanity Trove. I have blogged about this beauty box service a while ago when I first received a box from Glamabox.

I think I am gradually warming up to this concept now. If the products featured fit your preference, and if the packaging is decent, these boxes are actually great for some self-pampering or as a gift for fellow girlfriends. Considering that at S$25, you can hardly purchase a mid-priced full size product, why not give your friend a beauty sampler surprise instead?

(from left) Bella Box (S$15), Vanity Trove (S$25)

Let’s delve into the content of each box!

Items in Bella Box: Duchess Marden Body Serum 4ml, Nvey Eco Organic Eyeshadow in Charcoal Blue, Belif Hydra Sebum Control Essence 10ml, Ansley Pure Pop Superstar Eyeshadow and Eyeliner, La Perla Divina fragrance sample.

I would admit that the items in Bella Box doesn’t look very enticing at first. But what really drew my attention was the Ansley eyeshadow duo that comes with a matching gel liner and liner brush. I was very impressed by the travel-friendly packaging and ease of use. And this eyeshadow costs only S$16.90, which is affordable, and of course it would have been a good deal if a makeup enthusiast received this via the monthly subscription box from BB. Refer to my LOTD with the eyeshadow here.

Moving on to my Valentine’s Day box from Vanity Trove:

Items in Vanity Trove box: Skin Inc Pure Repair Whitening Eye Mask, 2 mini OPI nail polishes from Nicki Minaj Collection, Mekhalaliving Shampoo and Conditioner 30ml, Filthy Farmgirl Handmade Soap, Allerines Premium Tea, a charm from

I was wow-ed away by the packaging of my “trove”. To fit into the Valentine’s Day theme, the box contained rose petals and potpourri, emitting a sweet floral fragrance.  The items that attracted my attention were the Eye Mask which I have tried before when I had my facial at Skin Inc, OPI nail polish and the Mekhalaliving travel size shampoo and conditioner.

In short, I am pretty delighted with these two boxes of surprises. I maintain my observation that Bella Box would cater to ladies who are keen to try new makeup brands, while Vanity Trove has a good mix of established beauty products and other new mid-range items.

For comparison purposes, I have summarised the February items from Glama Box, Bella Box and Vanity Trove.

Glama Box Bella Box Vanity Trove
Monthly Subscription S$18 S$15 S$25
What’s in February’s box?
1. Talika Smile & Kiss 2 in 1 Treatment (6ml)

2. Phytodefrisant Baume Defrisant Vegetal (Hair Balm) (15ml)

3. Lierac Bust Life Crème Modelage (Sample)

4. Essonce Squalane Oxygen Regenerating Mask (1 piece)

5. Stephen James Food Energy Bar

6. Glamabox Charm (Keychain)

1. Duchess Marden Body Serum (4ml)

2. Nvey Eco Organic Eyeshadow – 150 Charcoal Blue

3. Belif Hydra Sebum Control Essence (10ml)

4. Ansley Pure Pop Superstar Eyeshadow and Eyeliner

5. La Perla Divinia fragrance sample

1. Skin Inc Pure Repair Whitening Eye Mask

2. 2 mini bottles of OPI Nail Polish from Nicki Minaj Collection

3. Filthy Farmgirl Handmade Soap

4. Mekhalaliving Shampoo and Conditioner (30ml each)

5. Allerines Premium Tea (1 tea bag)

6. Charm from RinsieRose

Hope this is helpful!

之前提到新加坡新掀起的美容样品订购服务热潮。本月收到了来自Bella Box 以及 Vanity Trove的美容礼盒。试用了3家不同的礼盒服务,本人已经开始接纳这样的idea,觉得偶尔给自己一个惊喜,或给姐妹淘一个惊喜,何乐而不为?

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