It has been a while since I last attended a Kiehl’s event – which I believe was 2 years ago? I always look forward to attending an event organised by Kiehl’s.. because:

You get greeted by cute Kiehl’s Boys at the entrance!

If you are not familiar with Kiehl’s Boys, they are a group of young, good-looking boys whom you will see at Kiehl’s special events. Typically, they would be tasked to offer samples or provide consultation for shoppers at Kiehl’s store events.

Or at bloggers’ events, they dress up according to the theme of having too many dark spots – very apt for Kiehl’s as they unveiled their new whitening range known as Clearly Corrective White Range.

Here’s yours truly with the Kiehl’s team, as well as one Kiehl’s Boy.

It’s not just about ogling at boys of course. Here is a photographic evidence of Shirleen, Joey and I, totally focused on learning more about the new products.

There has been quite a few whitening range of skincare in the market recently. I will try to consolidate some information and share them with all of you soon. Please let me know what are your whitening concerns and I can respond to you based on my knowledge!

Ending off this post with 5 steps recommended by Kiehl’s – which is totally explicable to any skincare ritual that we have!

好久没出席Kiehl’s的活动,最近终于有机会参与它们新美白系列的发表活动,让我再次见识到Kiehl’s Boys的魅力。Kiehl’s Boys的概念起源于2007年,主要出现在该品牌的特别场合,与公众接触,介绍Kiehl’s新品或促销。本人觉得这样的概念挺新鲜活泼,不知道大家怎么看?

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