Less than 10 days away from the official launch (which is 8th March, Thursday by the way), I finally had the opportunity to admire, caress and adorn (albeit only for a few minutes) some of the pieces from the much coveted Marni at H&M collection.

As we already know from the lookbook, this collection exudes the very strong signature style of Consuelo Castiglioni- with bright prints, statement accessories and the signature oversized polka dots.

You may be pleased to know that besides the design which follows closely to the label’s signature style, the clothes were of decent quality, mostly made of silk while some pieces are of brocade or cotton material.

I am thrilled by the brocade series. The brocade top and bottom ensemble didn’t appear easily wearable to me when I saw photos of the outfit but after looking at the pieces in real life, I think these are decent investment pieces which you could match with a more subtle top or bottom for a safer bet.

The crowd pleasers, I believe, would be the accessories. The shoes are distinctly Marni, and priced at a wee fraction of the regular collection, you are close to committing a sin if a shoegal like you decide to give it a miss.

The necklace on the top left is made of clear acrylic and is a breeze to wear! I am also in love with the assortment of chunky bangles too.

For more photos from the preview, please check out my Facebook album.

Shopping rules for Marni at H&M is the same as Versace for H&M, i.e. the first 280 people in the queue will be given colour bracelet. Each group of 20 people would enter the designated collection area and has 10 minutes to shop there. You can only purchase one item or accessory per design.

For a recap on what you can buy, do check out the official Look Book and the SGD price list.

Happy Shopping on International Women’s Day (8th March)!

之前看过好多Marni at H&M的平面照片,对这次的合作相当好奇。设计方面延续Marni一贯复古风格以及斑点图案,但是这平价系列的质感又如何?经过本人仔细的观察,触摸以及试穿之后,肯定衣服饰品的质料都不错。衣服方面,多数都是丝质,有少数服饰则是棉质的。本人对系列当中的饰品非常有兴趣,因为项链或手环的设计风格强烈,肯定能够为平淡的穿着加分不少。这系列的服饰都非常易穿,适合各种身材,相信不会重演Versace for H&M之前遭遇很多归还的窘境。您已经规划好入手策略吗?

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