If you are currently shopping for a moisturizer, do you have an imaginary criteria where you could check off every item in the list before you narrow down your options?

Some prefers their moisturizers to have SPF, others prefer oil-free version. Some consumers look for other catch phrases such as “anti-aging”, “non-comedogenic”, “hydrating” etc.

Today, I would like to introduce two Whitening Moisturizers and coincidentally, both contain plant extracts.

(from left) Clarins White Plus Whitening Velvet Emulsion SPF 20, The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Whitening Moisture Milk

A little background on the main ingredient:

Clarins White Plus Whitening range contains Sea Lily Extract, which controls the extension of dendrites, which are known as the “arms” of melanocytes that deliver melanin to cells in the epidermis.

On the other hand, The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso range contain shiso, a type of green leaf from the mint/basil family which is believed to reduce early melanin-making signals.

Clarins White Plus Whitening Velvet Emulsion:

This is a newly-launched product in the White Plus range. There two types of moisturizers you can choose from, one packed with SPF 20 and one without. At 75ml, the SPF 20 emulsion is priced at S$100 while the one without SPF is priced at S$92.

This is my current everyday moisturizer. I am using the SPF 20 version so that I can skip the process of applying sunscreen. The texture for both versions are closely similar – very light and soft at the first touch. The non-greasy emulsion spreads easily on the skin and once absorbed, leaves a smooth velvety finish. This helps to provide a great base for your makeup. The natural botanical scent from the product is also rather pleasant.

The Body Shop White Shiso Whitening Moisture Milk:

Priced at S$42.90 for 50ml, the Body Shop White Shiso moisturizer is more affordable than the Clarins White Plus one. This is a rather lightweight moisturizer of its own right, and the texture is decent for day use. The moisture milk has a light powdery scent which I feel is an easily acceptable whiff. If we were to do a comparison with Clarins Whitening Velvet Emulsion, White Shiso is indeed slightly greasier and takes a while to be absorbed into the skin.

Those ladies with oily skin living in the tropics (like me) who are concerned about its slightly greasy texture can consider using this moisture milk at night instead, or go gentle on the amount of the product you apply in the day.


If you are concerned about price point, then check out The Body Shop White Shiso Moisture Milk. If you are in favour of a very lightweight day moisturizer, go for Clarins White Plus Whitening Velvet Emulsion. Personally, if I were to make a purchase decision, I would definitely go for the latter.

Notice that I didn’t comment on their whitening effect? To be honest, it is hard to tell by just using the moisturizers on their own for slightly more than 2 weeks. Most whitening moisturizers provide a more immediate brightening effect and these 2 products are no exceptions. However, for diminishing of dark spots or longer term radiance, you would typically need to use them hand-in-hand with a whitening serum for a longer period of time to see the positive impact.

Note: Both moisturizers contain alcohol. The Body Shop one contains methylparaben too.

在购买日用保湿乳的时候,您对产品的要求会是什么?有些人需要保湿乳含有SPF, 有些人寻求抗老化等。最近,本人试用了两款美白日用保湿乳-分别为娇韵诗White Plus Whitening Velvet Emulsion以及The Body Shop White Shiso Whitening Moisture Milk。两支产品的价格不同,触感也稍微不太一样,但都是绝对称职的保湿乳。若您的肌肤容易出油,我认为您应该选择娇韵诗较轻盈,柔滑的Whitening Velvet Emulsion。

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