I was invited to Shiseido’s counter at Tangs Orchard for a detailed skin analysis. I arrived with trepidation – I know my skin is not in a tip-top condition, would the truth hurt?

The Total Skin Analysis examines 5 factors on the your skin – Clarity, Hydration, Sebum, Turnover and Resilience. You will need to remove your makeup in order to have your skin tested.

My beauty advisor, Pauline, placed the skin detector on my skin, which got magnified 50 times on the screen. (Note: The 2 hair clips were not part of my get-up for the day. )

I was grossed out by the magnified shot of my skin. Be prepared to see your facial hair too.

The results! While my skin is well moisturised and still quite firm (yay for young skin!), I scored really badly in sebum and rather bad on clarity. It’s time to use my White Lucent set again  to regain the clarity and radiance of the skin, as well work on oil control!

My data would be stored into the system and I could always pop by to check if my skin condition has improved.. or when I require some real validation that my skincare regime is working.

This machine is only available at Tangs Orchard, so do remember to ask the Shiseido beauty advisors about this complimentary service when you stop by at the beauty counter there. The whole analysis took less than half hour.

资生堂在位于Tangs Orchard专柜设有非常详细的肌肤检测仪器。之前战战兢兢地接受他们免费的详细肌肤检测,心想自己肌肤状况会不会很糟。在短短半小时内,仪器便能够检测出肌肤5大要素-清晰度,湿润度,油脂,新陈代谢和韧性-之现状,让我能够对症下药。若您对这项检测感到好奇,不妨到资生堂Tangs Orchard专柜查询。

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