I was browsing through the photos for Fall/Winter (FW) Fashion Week and found some really interesting braided hairstyles on the runway. Hair braiding is considered an ancient art and traces its roots from West Africa.  As far back as 4000 BC, the Ancient Egyptians were known to practice hair braiding.

Several thousand years later, we see so many variations of hair braids in all walks of life. Here are my favourite hair braids from the recent runway shows!

Tiny milkmaid braids as seen at Pucci FW 2012 – These braids are apparently “fake” and color-matched to the model’s hair before being pinned at the crown. Very neat and retro look, and the prosthetic braids reminded me of my faux-hair headband that I loved wearing when I was in my teens.

Nordic rope braids at Fendi FW 2012 – These braids are real hair and were twisted like ropes, using two strands instead of the usual three strands! The tying technique is quite ingenious, but would require very strong gel or hairspray to produce such neat “rope” braids. This hairdo is labour-intensive too and took a long time for hairstylist to complete.

Weave a scarf in your braids as demonstrated by Christian Cota FW 2012 showcase – I have never thought of fabric-wrapped braids before but this concept is some kinda cool and pretty easy to DIY according to our preference, don’t you think?

Intricate braided bun at Christopher Josser Haute Couture show – The French probably take their braids seriously, considering there is a braiding method known as the “French braid”. This very complex hairdo is incorporates various plaiting techniques. For a DIY-friendly version, separate your hair into different sections and braid each section. Twirl all the braids together into a bun and secure with many many bobby pins!

放眼刚过去的2012秋冬季时装周,发现辫子发型的变化好多,每种造型都呈现不一样的视觉效果。虽然以上所筛选出的例子有些看起来既复杂又高难度,但是本人觉得Pucci以及Christian Cota服装秀上的辫子发型可供我们效仿,为平时的穿着打扮增添不同凡响的效果。

Images: StyleBistro, Style.com, NYT, WireImage

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