I was doing some spring cleaning on my cosmetics and found a Brown lipstick that I hardly wore. From Shiseido’s Perfect Rouge range, this lip colour is a deep shade of brown that is somewhat difficult to carry off.

I decided to take it upon as a make-up challenge for myself. Have you tried wearing brown lipsticks? Maybe you can share your look with me!

The final look!  As you can tell, the lip colour is a slightly darker shade of brownish orange – probably suitable for the Fall/Winter colour palette.

I believe the Orange/Rust Shimmering Cream Eye Colour from Shiseido’s Spring Summer 2012 makeup collection is the best match to a brown lipstick. It is a tad brighter than a typical brown smokey eye, which would have been an overkill. A new addition to Shiseido’s shimmering eye colour, this is a breeze to use as I could easily blend the colour with my fingers. Given that I have oily eyelids, I would dab on the Base Magique at the crease before I apply my eye makeup.

If you do not like the overly brown matte look, I would recommend adding a light lip gloss over the brown rouge!

Feel free to share with me on other ideas to wear a brown lip colour. What would your interpretation be?

之前大扫除时,发觉了一支崭新的资生堂褐色唇膏。这颜色非常棘手,很难搭配。本人随手选择了似乎相同色系的产品搭配这一妆容。眼影方面,选择了资生堂今年春夏季橙色Shimmering Eye Cream。我认为,橙色或许会传统褐色烟熏眼妆亮丽一些。当然,若您觉得此妆容有些黯淡,也可以为在褐色唇膏上增添一点浅色唇蜜,让双唇看来既滋润又艳丽。

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