Remember my really colourful dress from Jessica Simpson which I associated with the local “kueh lapis sagu” or “gao teng kueh” (nine layered cake)?

Singaporean designer Jo Soh of hansel has recently launched a new collection that takes the cue (literally and figuratively) from this kueh kueh and it’s amazing how slices and slices of these kueh could actually make great pattern on dresses.

See what I mean?

Admiring the delicious kueh from another perspective.

For those who are not a fan of bright colours, the dress above might suit you better.

The imagination doesn’t stop here. The inspiration from the irresistible desserts span through the accessories range too. The jewellery range is a collaboration between hansel and Little Drom Store.

Inspired by the colours of the kueh.

Realistic intepretation. I always love to peel them off layer by layer when I was a kid.

Close-up of the enamel pendant.

Last but not least, there is a pleather box bag in this collection that resembles a kueh lapis sagu cube.

Which is the next local delicacy that could trigger off another collection? Rice dumpling? Ang Ku Kueh? Rojak? Maybe Satays!

大家对本地的九层糕应该不感到陌生。鲜艳的外形,浓郁的椰香。年幼时,最喜欢一层一层拨开来品尝。如今,这家喻户晓的娘惹糕点,已跨入时尚领域,成为本地设计师Jo Soh的灵感来源。Tiers of Joy这服饰系列因此诞生了。通过服装宣扬本地美食以及文化,绝对是一个新鲜又有意义的尝试。

Images : hansel ( The hansel Shop 02-14 Mandarin Gallery)

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