The Hermès scarf, or carré  in French, is almost a culture on its own.

Introduced in 1937, in conjunction with the brand’s 100th anniversary at that time, Hermès was involved in the production of this little piece of art throughout the entire process – from the purchase of raw Chinese silk, to the spinning  into yarn, followed by weaving it into fabric. Coveted and worn by many royalties and celebrities, it is said that an Hermès scarf is sold somewhere in the world every 25 seconds.

While sharing the story of this Carré-ture, I have included photos from the latest Spring Summer collection of  Le Carré Hermè.

It typically takes a studio of 20 freelance designers about 2 years to complete a Hermes scarf from design concept, engraving, printing to the hand finishing process. Research and development itself takes about 9 to 12 months to complete. The designers utilise a palette of more than 50,000 colors used exclusively by Hermès to achieve the greatest detail possible.

After the scarf is printed, seamstresses roll and stitch the hem of a square, by hand, in 30 to 45 minutes. The hand-rolled hem is known as “roule”. Also, each scarf usually bears a signature of the artist.

The scarves are made of 20mm silk – while scarves from other manufacturers usually range from 4mm to 16mm –  and are woven from the silk of 250 mulberry moth cocoons.

Priced at S$270 for a small pocket square (45cm by 45 cm) and higher for other sizes, I think it is a little price to pay for a piece of art, history and spirit.

爱玛仕推出春夏季的丝巾系列,宣传照由名模Coco Rocha演绎。借此也分享爱玛仕丝巾哲学-从构思至制作,严谨的过程长达两年之久。为了确保品质的保证,爱玛仕从购买丝绸原料,纺成纱到编制过程都谨慎监督。丝巾印制过后,缝纫女工亲手缝制正方形的下摆,这过程也需要30至45分钟。了解制作背后的细节以及讲究品质的精神,是否更想拥有这蕴含爱玛仕悠久历史与文化精髓的制成品?

Images: Hermès

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