Is you are a fan of floral prints, the upcoming brand collaborations with Mary Katrantzou from Topshop and Longchamp would have probably caught your attention.

(from left) Mary Katrantzou for Topshop dress, Mary Katrantzou for Longchamp tote

Who is Mary Katrantzou?

Born in Greece and currently based in London, Mary Katrantzou has been well-known for her use of illusory digital print, which impressed the fashion world at the Central Saint Martins graduate show in 2008. Well-known for her structured dresses emblazoned with very vivid print, she is increasingly gaining popularity and attention despite her relatively short experience in the industry.

Mary Katrantzou for Topshop

This 9-piece collection created quite a bit of carnage at Topshop UK when it launched in February this year. Available at our Topshop stores on Saturday (10 March), would there be a similar frenzy. Prices are not exactly pocket-friendly, ranging from S$149 to S$809. Nonetheless, this is still more affordable than the designer’s regular collection.

For more photos of the collection, please refer to my Facebook album here.

Mary Katrantzou for Longchamp

With the collaboration with Longchamp, Katrantzou’s dazzling digital prints has expanded to a bag collection, consisting of two special-edition tote bags and 3 sizes from the Le Pliage line.

Based on the theme “When East meets West”, the prints are inspired from Asian temples and flower parades.  While this special collection is expected to arrive in stores this month, you can also purchase them online from Colette.

For photos of these totes in real life, check out my Facebook album with photos taken at Longchamp’s preview.

希腊出生的28岁年轻设计师Mary Katrantzou自2008年出道以来运用耀眼夺目的印花图案吸引许多时尚达人的目光。今年春夏季,这位时尚界的新秀与Topshop以及Longchamp分别合作推出特别系列,并皆在本月面市。9件单品的Topshop合作系列将在3月10日在新加坡面市,设计风格延续Mary Katrantzou一贯绚丽多姿的图案以及立体感剪裁。虽然价位偏高-介于新币149至809- 比起设计师个人系列的价格,还算合理。除了服饰之外,Mary Katrantzou也将其繁华似锦的图案延伸至包包系列。与法国Longchamp的合作系列,共有5件包包,采用“东西交汇”的主题。除了推出两款独具创意的特别款手提包,还为Le Pliage设计了明媚繁盛的新款印花,充满灯笼,庙宇以及兰花的元素。这5款新包相信于本月中在本地Longchamp专卖店上架。

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