By the time you read this post, I am probably approaching my holiday destination – London! It has been a while since I last traveled and gosh I am literally brimming with excitement.

As always, I hope to look good on my pictures but I can’t possibly pack my entire wardrobe in the suitcase. I thought I could share with you some of my personal tips on how to maximise your wardrobe without over-packing.

For new readers, this post on mix and match, and this post on my travel beauty pouch might be helpful for you.

2010 in Shanghai. Was pondering whether to pack this houndstooth jacket to brave unexpected cold winds.

1. Buy before you land

If you are visiting a city, or a developed place where online shopping is accessible, save your luggage space (when you are flying there) by buying some clothes or shoes and have these delivered to your accommodation there. Most hotels are happy to hold your parcels prior to your arrival.

Shoe packing is always the most difficult because I will definitely need a pair (or two) of comfortable shoes for serious walking. But I also would need a pair of decent heels for dinner or drinks and heels take up plenty of luggage space. I typically solve this problem by buying a couple of pairs of shoes – typically heels – and have them shipped to my hotel. At least I would traveling lighter one way!

For this trip, I did my online shopping at ASOS and a new discovery – Kurt Geiger!

2. Pack spare clothes and toiletries in your hand carry luggage

I used to dismiss the concept of packing spare clothes in my handcarry but I have changed my perspective over the years. First, if anything uneventful happens such that we get stuck at a location without the luggage, at least we will still be able to freshen up. After all, you don’t want to land looking or smelling like a stink bomb.

(from left) Evian Mineral Water Spray, Marc Jacobs Solid PerfumeBurt’s Bee 100% Natural Lip Balm

In terms of toiletries, I would definitely pack a travel size facial spray, solid perfume and a lip balm to keep myself hydrated and refreshed.

3. Dress to kill

You have got your sexy shoes – regardless whether you packed those in or you bought them online – of course you need a dress to kill. Not all dresses are travel friendly and not all of us have the luxury of having our clothes ironed before we head out of the hotel. Hence, pack some lightweight spandex or jersey dresses that do not get creased so easily. You can also opt for printed dresses, which might take the attention away from any crease or folds.

DVF dresses would be my favourite because they are not only printed, but of soft jersey material. And the wrap dress is flattering on most body types!

And of course, remember to bring the right lingerie for the dresses!

4. Pack a little handbag or a clutch

I typically carry a sling bag for my travels because it is so convenient when you are doing some serious walking. But don’t forget your little handbag or clutch which would match your evening outfit a lot better than a heavy duty sling bag! And a tiny clutch doesn’t take up much space.

在您阅读这篇文章的时候,我已经接近我旅程的目的地-英国伦敦!真的对这次的旅途感到期待,心情非常兴奋。当然,整理行李真的令人头疼。借此与大家分享几个妙招,可美美享受旅程,又不会占据太多行李的重量。其中一招便是在还没登陆之前,先上网购买一些时尚必须品 -例如占据许多空间的高跟鞋-并将物品寄到您所下榻的饭店。这么一来,在旅途的过程中可以穿戴新物品,飞往目的地的旅程中又无需携带额外事物。岂不是两全其美!


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