This year, other than the White Plus Whitening Velvet Emulsion, Clarins has also launched two other new products – the UV Plus HP Beige Sunscreen and the Whitening Powder Foundation.

(from left) UV Plus HP Beige Sunscreen, Whitening Powder Foundation

The items in real life. I am currently using the Whitening Powder Foundation in 04 Almond.

UV Plus HP Beige Sunscreen (S$74 for 30ml)

Some of you might remember my post on Battle of the Sunblock last year where I compared Clarins UV Plus with a few other competitors. At that time, I mentioned that Clarins UV Plus HP tinted Day Screen was my personal favourite for its light liquid texture and being tinted, the product helps to even out your skin tone and prep it better before applying make up.

This year, Clarins introduced a new variation to this UV Plus range. Other than the tinted and non-tinted versions from last year, the new Beige Day Screen has a shade closer to fairer skintone, as compared to its predecessor which has a pastel pink hue. This new product is therefore able to provide even better coverage, whilst retaining its feather light texture and SPF40 PA+++ protection. Similar to the tinted version, the new Beige sunscreen is good to go as a base before you apply your foundation.

I find myself reaching out for this before I go for my run because this light sunscreen is able to provide some light coverage on my acne scars, while allowing my skin to breathe well when exercising.

If you are shopping for a new sunscreen, I would highly recommend this new UV Plus HP Beige Day Screen. For those who are already using the Tinted or Non-Tinted versions that were introduced last year, the texture and qualities of this new product is pretty much the same other than its colour and coverage properties.

Whitening Powder Foundation (Case: S$18, Refill: S$52)

This is not the first time we have encountered foundation with skin care benefits, although this is the first makeup product in Clarins White Plus HP range. Clarins Whitening Powder Foundation contain the range’s signature Sea Lily Extract, which helps to control melanin production and reduce the occurrence of dark spots.

The foundation is light and it is easy to pile on the foundation without looking “cakey”. It doesn’t oxidise too much and has pretty good oil control properties – I hardly see the need to blot my face much while using this foundation (hand-in-hand with the Lancome UV Expert BB Complete) after more than half a day. For a photo of my FOTD using this foundation, please click here.

So one question that readers might ask: How does the Clarins White Plus Whitening Powder Foundation compare with Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Foundation?

I applied both foundations on each side of the face. While I should go a shade lighter with Clarins’ foundation (using 04 Almond for this picture), Shiseido’s White Lucent Foundation would still emerge fairer and brighter.

Comparing the two products side by side.

In terms of shade, Shiseido’s SWL foundation looks brighter while Clarins’ foundation appears more natural. If you are pursuing instant radiance, Shiseido’s SWL foundation would be a better canvas for your blusher and other makeup shades.  However, in terms of application, my vote goes to Clarin’s foundation, which not only applies well, but also lasts for a decent number of hours without streaking.

What are your thoughts after seeing the visual comparison?

今年,娇韵诗的White Plus美白系列推出了两项新品- 肤色美白防晒乳以及美白防晒粉饼。肤色美白防晒乳延续去年所推出的Tinted与Non Tinted防晒乳,今年的版本依然轻盈有效,但是肤色防晒乳能够稍微遮掩肌肤上的一些小疤痕。美白防晒粉饼的效果也非常好,颜色持久,而且不太容易出油,是我现在常用的粉底之一。

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