I have been curious about Jurlique for a while, having heard that they are a natural skincare brand, i.e. probably pretty effective for sensitive skin types. I had the opportunity to experience the new Rose Moisture Plus With Antioxidant Complex Skincare range and I think this range helped cement my good impression of the brand.

(from left) Rose Moisture Plus Cleanser, Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream, Rosewater Balancing Mist

About Jurlique

Founded in South Australia, Jurlique is a green beauty brand that produces natural skincare products. They are probably an expert in farming too, as they operate a 153-acre farm at Adelaide nurturing herbs and flowers that would be used as ingredients for their skincare offerings. The Rose Moisture Skincare range uses roses that are harvested from Jurlique’s farm.

As natural ingredients are used, Jurlique’s skincare products typically have expiry dates of about 1 to 2 years.

Rose Moisture Plus Cleanser 100ml – S$50

The hydrating cleanser contains rose hip oil, willow bark extract and pumice. With sufficient amount of water and lather, the cleanser is smooth and foamy, with an invigorating rose scent. The face does feel spotless and well-cleansed,  and does not leave a taut feeling on the skin. The cleanser also helps to brighten your skin tone after continued usage.

Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream 40ml – S$70

This is rich moisturizing cream containing avocado, macadamia and jojoba oil, as well as green tea and grapeseed extracts. The ingredient names gave me the imagery of a really delicious salad. However, you SHOULD NOT be applying the moisturizer straight from the tube. If you have been using cream products from Jurlique and it breaks you out or gives you bumps, one of the reasons could be the application method. You should warm the product first with your fingers and press the melted cream onto your face with your palms.

This product has been effective in keeping my skin plump and supple.

Rosewater Balancing Mist 50ml – S$45

This is not a new product but it now comes in a newer packaging. The rosewater balancing mist is a signature product from Jurlique, well-liked by many celebrities. Infused with rose oils, aloe and marshmallow, this can be used a toner before applying the moisturizing cream. However, I keep the spray in the office and spritz  a small amount on my face by mid-day to keep the skin refreshed. This is a really good pick-me-up if you enjoy the rose scent. What I dislike though, is the glass bottle packaging, which makes it heavier and less travel-friendly.

(PS: I was told that Cleopatra used rose scent for seduction during her time, this might be a good “facial fragrance” for you before a date!)


It has been a while since I thoroughly enjoy an entire range of skincare like this! While this range works well in retaining hydration and keeping my skin refreshed, I need to highlight that all three products contain alcohol. To be honest, this can be rather disconcerting as I would trust that a natural skincare line would not contain such ingredient. However, the alcohol content could be low (percentage not stated in the product) as it did not seem to cause skin drying for me.

According to Jurlique, alcohol is used in skin care products to ensure that the herbal extracts remain in the solution and also to provide essential antimicrobial action so as to maintain the shelf-life of the product. The alcohol used is sourced from the fermentation of sugar cane and is an excellent solvent for the beneficial organic herbal extracts which are an important part of the Jurlique products, and is only used in the lowest concentrations possible.

Have you used Jurlique’s products before? Any recommendation or thoughts?

对澳洲天然护肤品牌Jurlique略有耳闻,最近终于有机会尝试它们最新的玫瑰润肤产品系列。Jurlique产品都尽量采用纯天然原料。例如,玫瑰系列产品当中所使用的玫瑰精华,是由Jurlique农场特别培育并提炼而成。对于系列当中的洗脸霜,衡肤花卉水,以及润肤露,我都赞赏有加。产品里头含有酒精,根据Jurlique,酒精由植物(甘蔗)提炼而成, 成分介于适量范围。

Images: Jurlique

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