I am not sure how many of you remember Let’s Care and Celebrate!, a charity campaign started by me in 2010 to commemorate the first anniversary of MsGlitzy.com. The aim of the campaign is to help other women to rebuild their lives and regain their confidence.

After a hiatus of one year in 2011, the campaign has made a quiet comeback this year. I wanted to spend more time interacting directly with the girls or women in need. By chance and referral, I got to know Beautiful People, a volunteer group that supports teenage girls on probation as they reintegrate into society. With their help, we had our first makeup workshop for the year at Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls on Saturday morning.

The trainer for this workshop was Joy Tan from The Style Atelier. She was a really great trainer, constantly engaging the seven participants and checking on their strokes and application. We would also like to thank Maybelline Singapore for their generous sponsorship of makeup products for the participants.

(from left) Me, Sofia – our model for the day and Joy!

All products for the workshop were kindly sponsored by Maybelline Singapore. The girls were thrilled to receive brand new cosmetics assigned to them according to their skin tone at the event. Most importantly, they were able to learn how to use these items step-by-step at the workshop.

The set-up of the event. Thanks Joy and Sofia for their help in assembling the chairs and tables for the workshop!

Joy demonstrated how to apply the foundation using Maybelline’s Clear Smooth All-In-One Compact Foundation.

Next, the ladies chose their preferred eye colours and learnt how to apply the eye shadow using Maybelline’s Eye Studio Diamond Glow.

Joy also went through patiently how to draw the eyeliner, apply mascara, blusher and lipstick. The girls were very engaged and asked several good questions. At the end of the workshop, I picked 2 winners and gave them prizes from Maybelline – one for “Best Makeup Look” and the other for “Best Effort”.

A proof of how basic makeup makes one look more energetic and radiant – Sofia, after the “makeover” by Joy.

Check out the video with snippets of the workshop. I learnt quite a bit from Joy too!

For more photos taken at the workshop, please check out my Facebook Album.

If you are interested to be a mentor or organise activities for teenage girls on probation, you can check out Beautiful People’s site. Other than Pertapis, the group works with two other girls’ homes. You can also make a donation to the programme through this website.

We are likely to hold a couple more workshops for other girls in the programme. Stay tuned!

星期六的早晨,天空下起滂沱大雨。当天一早,我, Joy以及Sofia来到了新加坡回教研究会的妇女中心,为一群接受辅导的少女介绍如何打造基本妆容,让自己看起来更加自信。这次的慈善彩妆工作室,是本人与本地志愿者组织Beautiful People一同举办,并邀请Joy担任导师。这项名为Let’s Care and Celebrate!的慈善计划,起源自2010年。当时,为了庆祝MsGlitzy.com成立一周年,开始帮助社会上一些需要我们伸出援手的女性。隔了两年,在2012年,我开始与Beautiful People以及Joy合作。 为了保护少女们的隐私,我们不能够刊登他们的照片。以上照片只有Joy为当天的模特儿Sofia上妆。出席的少女们非常积极地学习如何使用由Maybelline所赞助的化妆品,并不时发问。整个场合非常轻松,我也从中获益不少。若您也想帮助这些少女,可参阅Beautiful People的官方网站。我们将在今年举行更多类似的彩妆工作室。

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