The Scallop Trim has been in the rage for a while. Mulberry calls it “cookie-cutter trim” but we know it’s about the same. The waved edge with a little eyelet adds very feminine touch to any outfit or accessories effortlessly. And other than apparel, the Scallops (or Cookies) have made its way to cute little crossbody bags!

(from left) See by Chloé Black Poya Party Crossbody , Mulberry Cookie Mini Bag

While the size and details look almost the same, See by Chloé Black Poya Party Crossbody has a press stud closure, while the Mulberry Cookie Mini Bag differentiates itself with the brands signature postman lock. Another difference appears on the strap, where See by Chloé ‘s rendition has an adorable bow while Mulberry’s bag has a long chain strap.

In terms of material, See by Chloé Black Poya Party Crossbody is of black leather, with canvas lining. Mulberry Cookie Mini Bag is made of ochre nubuck leather – a sturdier material –  with no lining, which is a signature feature of Mulberry bags.

Last but not least, size matters. See by Chloé  bag measures 16cm x 14cm x 5cm while Mulberry bag is more dainty, at 12.5cm x 9cm x 5.5cm.

The See by Chloé Black Poya Party Crossbody retails at GBP175 (SGD350) while the Mulberry Cookie Mini Bag is priced at GBP275 (SGD550).

So tell me, do you fancy such bags with scallop trim? Which would be your pick?

月牙边服饰在前几季就开始盛行,但是这样的细节仅在服装上看到。今年,月牙边已开始占领了小包包这领域。See by Chloé  以及Mulberry 皆推出月牙边小皮包。虽然外形相似,也有一些不一样的细节。大家喜欢这样的皮包吗?比较喜欢哪一款呢?

Images: my-wardrobe and Mulberry

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