Over the weekend, I spotted a really pretty Twig Ring while surfing and decided to go on a searching spree for other Twig Rings in the whole wide world.

I have managed to sift out a few exquisite gems (quite literally), and I can’t get over the amount of details that each ring boasts. Typically, such jewellery needs to be handmade by the designer to be able to craft out such details and texture of the branches.

I am not really a ring person yet I am truly mesmerized.

(from left) Monserat De Lucca 3 Birds Ring, Lunessa 14K Gold Jasmin blossom branch ring

(from left) Twig Ring by Choo Yilin, Tiny Butterfly Twig Ring

Of course, Etsy is literally a hotbed for such one-of-its-kind, avant garde handmade jewellery.

(from left) Elvish Twine Ring, Pear Cut Gemstone Twig Ring

And if you are getting hitched, integrate the rustic and natural feel of nature into your engagement ring!

(from left) Kijani Wedding Set (Engagement Ring and matching Wedding Band), Twig Royale Ring


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