This floral maxi dress finally saw the light of the day(or night) at Audi Fashion Festival Day 4.

Dress: To The Max | Bag: Coach Classics | Necklace: Montblanc | Shoes: Hush Puppies

Here are some Instagram shots of the individual items and my FOTD for the occasion. Follow “msglitzy” on Instagram if you have not done so!

Wore two rose gold necklaces from Montblanc Cabochon collection.

Look of the day:  Tried the new Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Foundation. Eye makeup and lips from Maquillage.

Carried my Labour Day’s present to myself – the shoulder purse from Coach Classics collection in Vermillion.

奥迪时装节的第四天,我选择了购买已久,但是未曾穿过的To the Max连身长裙。饰品方面依旧倾向简单低调为主,配戴来自Montblanc Cabochon系列的玫瑰金项链,以及Coach经典系列的小皮包。

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