If I was expecting anything fantasy and ethereal at the Swarovski show, I was so wrong! This year, the Swarovski team introduced the setting of a rock concert, complete with a live band and a slew of statement, modern pieces. Accompanied by the powerful vocals of Vanessa Fernandez and her band, the audience was treated to a visual and musical feast.

The show started off with some sleek and sharp looks, and gradually intensified to a dramatic presentation as the show continued.

We saw the medieval influence in the jewellery, match-made with modern, sophisticated dresses. The crystal capelet on the left requires 60 hours of embroideries and is encrusted with 12,000 stones.

More theatrics ensued, featuring the stunning corset belt on the left, and crystal mesh scarf over an Oriental outfit on the right.

I am especially impressed by these two looks featuring the galaxy print dresses that were shown towards the end of the show. The shoulder jewellery in both runway looks require long hours and several stones to put together. The Stardust Galaxy (on the left) needs 140 hours and 150,000 stones to create, while the Sexy Chain Mail took 110 hours and 2000 stones to make.

Last but not least, we were reminded once again, how such unique and exclusive jewellery pieces are relevant against the contemporary and fashionable silhouette.

奥迪时装节当中的Swarovski 水晶时装秀简直为观众带来视觉以及听觉上的享受。这次的主题为摇滚风,因此现场有摇滚乐队以及歌手演唱,模特儿也身穿富现代感的服饰,搭配闪闪耀眼的Swarovski珠宝。展示的饰品大多需要长时间的制作,令大家打开眼界。

Images: Audi Fashion Festival

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