I have gone for brow threading for x years with Browhaus and I am deeply ashamed that I had never knew about the Browgraphy treatment – which basically gives you make-up ready brows that last for 2 weeks.

I was invited to try the Browgraphy treatment at the newly renovated Browhaus Paragon – which is now decorated with colourful teepees and log furnishing.

The Browgraphy treatment (S$42) combines eyebrow threading and tweezing, as well as a service known as Colour Tweak – which dye your brows to a desired shade. The shape and colour last for about 2 weeks, i.e. you do not have to draw your eyebrows every morning for the next 14 days.

Here are the steps:

  • As my brows were sparse and light, the Brow Architect started off with threading, followed by tweezing to achieve a neat brow shape.
  • After that, she applied a soothing ampoule call Peace to my brow area. This is a serum which contains Larrea Divaricata, a leaf extract that is anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and inhibits growth of the hair follicles.
  • The Brow Architect then applied a vegetable-based dye on my brow to match with the colour of my hair and complexion. Plant dye are 100% safe and suitable to apply at our eye area.
  • The whole process took about 30 minutes. Easy peasy!


My brows still looked a bit light. I opted for dark brown instead of black dye for fear of having stark looking brows. In retrospect, I should have requested to darken my brows a bit further.

Other than the abovementioned, I am generally quite pleased with the outcome. I have not spotted much fine hair for 2 weeks thus far, thanks to the powerful Peace serum. At S$42, I would definitely be keen to try this service regularly to maintain my brow shape and colour!

I have been interested in Browhaus’ Brow Resurrection – a semi-permanent brow enhancement solution – for several years but have been constantly put off by the S$1200 price tag. For those who are like me, perhaps Browgraphy is a temporary dip in the water at a lower cost, before you decide to take the plunge.

本人的眉毛非常稀疏,每天都得画好眉毛才能出门。之前应本地Browhaus 的邀请,尝试他们家的Browgraphy服务。此服务不仅替您修好眉型,也将它染色,以配合您的发色以及肤色。由于加上独家调制的Peace 精华露,眉毛在一至两个礼拜内不会滋长。因此,美美的眉型以及颜色能维持将近两个礼拜,在这段时间您无需为画眉毛而烦恼。本人觉得除了我的眉色可以再加深一些,其他方面都令人满意,借此推荐这项服务给大家。

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