Happy Labour Day, everyone! Presenting the juicy bits that you missed on my Facebook page last month!

[14 April 2012] Grey silk+lace wedding gown with dusty pink roses… makes you wanna get married. (Photo from Harper’s Bazaar, shot at Yasmin Sewell’s wedding) [link]

[21 April 2012] Love this Lancôme Singapore Rouge in Love MTV. Fun, romantic and strangely addictive. [link]

[21 April 2012] Hehe, this is so cute. Monserat De Luca Married/Single Ring. [link]

I saw a Drunk/Sober ring from the same designer at Shopbop too. Which suits you better?

[20 April 2012] Feeling cheesed off because my site is still down. Meanwhile, let’s try to chill by watching an adorable iPhone4S ad starring my favourite Zooey Deschanel!! [link]

I admit that I have a huge girl crush on Zooey Deschanel. Love this ad on her conversation with Siri. Siri says the most profound things… like this and this.

[24 April 2012] Well, if you haven’t heard this.. we now have Giorgio Armani Beauty at DFS Galleria Singapore! [link]

The full range of Giorgio Armani Beauty make up and skincare products has finally arrived at our shores, available exclusively at DFS Galleria Singapore’s Beauty Hall. Cosmetics include Giorgio Armani Face Fabric SPF 12, Luminous Silk Foundation, Eyes to Kill Eyeshadows and Rouge d’Armani. In addition, the premium Giorgio Armani skin care range Crema Nera, Obsidian Mineral Regenerating Cream, and rejuvenating Regenessence comprising Youth Regenerator, Multi Corrective Rejuvenating Cream and Eye Rejuvenating Serum will be available too.

Prices of Giorgio Armani Beauty makeup and skincare products will range from S$25 – S$1532.

[28 April 2012] Sweet! The reverse smoky eyes do exist! [link]

Haha, what do you think of this runway look? Yay or Nay?

[12 April 2012] Craving for Lavender Hot Chocolate… [link]

I can make do with a hot frothy cup of hot cocoa sprinkled with lavender now… I need a second holiday!

首先,祝大家五一劳动节假日愉快!上个月与大家分享了两则非常有趣的广告-一则来自Lancome Rouge in Love唇膏视频,另一则是Zooey Deschanel 主演的iPhone4S广告。两则视频都非常逗趣。此外,上个月,新加坡DFS Galleria开始售卖Giorgio Armani Beauty品牌的护肤品以及化妆品。此品牌的拥护者再也不用千里迢迢到香港补货了!接下来下半年,Nars也会进驻新加坡。喜爱这些化妆护肤品牌的朋友们,应该非常期盼吧!


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