I know it’s just a lipstick. And I have tonnes of them at home anyway.

But I just couldn’t help falling in love with Lancôme’s upcoming lipstick collection – Rouge in Love. And I blame it on their creative and romantic marketing campaign.

The press release relates the lipstick as a woman’s “friend at all times”, that makes you “delightfully sophisticated one day, wickedly flirtatious the next”.  The range has 27 shades, and each shade has its own name and its own story. All the stories are inspired by three different moments during the day of a modern and stylish young woman.

The campaign features Emma Watson, the perfect epitome of a young woman, and the person behind the visuals of the campaign is no other than renown fashion photographer Mario Testino.

Here’s an image of my Rouge in Love – in shade 163B Rose Saint Honoré, against the press kit. The packaging of the lipstick is light, compact and has a little reflective corner that could double up as a tiny mirror.

One more reason to fall in love – the press kit is full of French quirkiness and was accentuated with various tiny details. For instance, there were mock polaroid photos, movie tickets, camera film, luggage tags … to illustrate the romantic adventures of the protaganist, all embedded in the little pink book.

I am no Emma Watson, but here is a photo of me in Rose Saint Honoré, a deep red shade with a light pinch of orange undertone.

And this, my friend, is the final reason why I am enamoured with the whole marketing strategy. The story of Rose Saint Honoré … tell me, how not to fall in love?

PS: The lipstick collection retails from 1st June 2012, and is priced at S$40 a pop.

本人所拥有的唇膏不胜枚举,但是最近还是拜倒在兰寇新推出Rouge In Love的石榴裙之下。 最大的罪魁祸首是整个系列的行销策略,把唇膏比喻成女生们最好的朋友,能够让她第一时间变得气质优雅,也能够让她性感起来。整个系列共有27种颜色,各个颜色适合不同氛围场合,每个颜色的命名都有各自浪漫的故事。整个产品宣传,充满法国浪漫诙谐的情调,真的很难不fall in love。您觉得呢?


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