Last week, I was invited by Luxottica to preview the Fall/Winter range of eyewear from the brands that distribute such as Miu Miu, Burberry, Ray-Ban, Vogue etc.

Of course, how could I resist playing with different frames?

(from left) Miu Miu Noir, Prada and Miu Miu Culte.

Given that the upcoming eyewear ranges come in a variety of shapes and sizes, let’s take the opportunity to go through the types of frames for different face shapes.

Round Face

Go for angular shapes to downplay the round face. Plastic frames of a dark color, like black or tortoise shell or thin metal frames would work well for such face shapes.

The black Miu Miu shades in unique pentagon frames, from the brand’s Culte Sunglasses capsule collection, would be perfect for rounder face shapes.

Oblong Face

Round or square frames, especially those with an accented top rim or decorative detail at the temple can help to balance out the long, rectangular face.

Check out these Prada shades with a myriad of accent details. You have the luxury to pick your favourite colour combination!

Heart-shape Face

Frames with round edges would soften the broader upper part of the face, and at the same time, accentuate the narrower jaw.

Burberry eyewear – don’t you love the whipstitch?

Dolce & Gabbana oversized shades and frames in delicious colours from the Matt Silk collection.

Square Face

Those with square face shapes are in luck this season, as round frames are in the rage. Go for round or oval frames to soften the angular facial features.

The retro style of Miu Miu’s fame “Noir Sunglasses” (bottom two).

Round tortoise shell frames from Burberry and Ray-Ban.

For pictures of other gorgeous eyewear at the preview, please refer to my Facebook album.

上周预览了Luxottica旗下品牌即将推出的秋冬眼镜系列,发现除了圆形镜框在这一季非常火之外,大胆的颜色配搭也显现在目前流行趋势。当然,不同脸型所适合的不同形状的镜框。因此,应该根据自己的脸型,选择既适合自己,又非常潮的眼镜。在墨镜方面,本人推荐Miu Miu的设计。尤其是圆形的Noir墨镜,除了形状可爱,乌龟壳细节非常精致。眼镜方面,今年各家品牌皆推出圆形乌龟壳系列。 可惜,本人的圆脸似乎不太适合这类镜框,只能默默欣赏,不能占为己有。

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