Since I returned from my holiday last month, my rejuvenated skin slowly degenerated having resumed the hustle and bustle of life. Stress bumps started emerging, the skin tone began to look dull and not to mention my eye bags! Other than being diligent on my daily skin care regime, I was also looking at “Power Masks“, which usually contain a concentrated amount of ingredients good enough to give your skin a decent recharge after a whole week of mayhem.

(from left) La Prairie Swiss Cellular White Intensive Illuminating Mask, Fancl Beauty Facial Treatment Mask (Vitalizing)

La Prairie Swiss Cellular White Intensive Illuminating Masks (6 sets of upper and lower masks, S$318)

This is a luxurious set of masks that not only brightens your skin tone, but also hydrates, soothes and energizes. Essentially, other than whitening ingredients, this mask is packed with other moisturising and revitalising nutrients.

Each set of masks is separated to two parts – one for the upper part of the face and the other for the lower portion. Apply the lower mask first and then make sure that the upper mask overlaps with the other. Leave the mask on for about 10 minutes, remember to massage the excess white essence to your neck – don’t waste the good stuff!

I tried on this mask only once. The results after 10 minutes? Other than instant radiance, some of the tiny stress bumps on my face had soothed or disappeared. In addition, my skin felt very smooth and looked plump and supple.

Definitely a power mask, although the price tag (S$318 for a set of 6) is on the steeper side.

My verdict: Splurge to give your complexion an instant boost before a really important event or occasion.

Fancl Beauty Facial Treatment Mask (Vitalizing) (6 tubes, S$58)

Fancl’s Beauty Facial Treatment Mask comes in a tube, which consists of cute yellow specks of Vitamin E capsules, Royal Jelly Essence, European Pear Extract and Bifida Bacteria Extract. Each box contains 6 tubes, and this mask aims to target dullness of complexion and rejuvenate your skin’s metabolism.

After cleansing, squeeze all the content in the tube on your clean palm and start massaging them to your dry face. Leave the mask on for about 3 minutes (I typically leave them on for 5-7 minutes), and rinse thoroughly after that.

As seen on the above picture, each tube contains a huge amount of content, which has proven too much for my huge face. Once again, I massaged the excess on your neck.

The aftermath? The skin looked supple and radiant, and due to some gentle exfoliation during the massaging of content, it felt smooth too. Having known of Fancl’s “Mutenka” belief (additive-free), most of their ingredients are suitable for sensitive skin although the shelf life is shorter due to the lack of strong preservatives.

My verdict: While the impact was not as mind-blowing as La Prairie’s mask, Fancl’s Beauty Facial Treatment provided sufficient recharge that lasted for a few days. Given its low price (S$58 for a box of 6 tubes), I would consider getting this for regular use.

自从放假回国之后,便马不停蹄地开始回到平时繁忙的步伐,休假后富有光泽的好皮肤也开始展现疲态。除了脸上出现一些小斑斑之外,肌肤开始看起来暗沉。所以,平日我都非常勤奋抹保养品,周末时便选用一些能够补充光泽以及水分的面膜。这次介绍大家来自瑞士La Prairie的细胞美白深层面膜,一份面膜除了能够使肌肤明亮,还能够补充水份,使它更加光滑。虽然价格偏高,但是效果令人赞叹,绝对值得一试。若想要价位较合理的面膜,可考虑来自日本 Fancl滋养修护的亮滑精华软膜。通过維他命E微粒能够软化肌肤,去除角质,有效值改善暗粒等肌肤粗糙得问题。

Images: La Prairie, Fancl,

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