SK-II has introduced one more product to its suite of offerings, and this time, the new “StemPower” targets on multiple signs of ageing. Singapore is the first country to launch this new product.

The StemPower is a daily moisturizer that apparently enables users to feel radical firmness in 10 days. The product targets primary signs of skin ageing such as dryness, pores, texture, radiance and lack of firmness.

The moisturizer is of a light, milky texture which not only contains SKI-II’s signature Pitera, but also a unique plan-derived ingredient known as the Stem-Acanax. This new ingredient is taken from the root of Siberian Ginseng that is harvested from an organic farm in the heart of Korea’s Jeju Island. According to SK-II’s research the Stem-Acanax is able to stimulate epidermal root cells and enhance the skin’s springy structure, as well as rejuvenate the skin renewal process.

First thought on the texture of the product – it is lightweight, non-greasy and gets absorbed into the skin quite easily with some massaging.

At the StemPower launch event held at Jet Quay CIP Terminal (near Changi Airport, for those who are curious), founder of Love Bonito, Viola Tan shared her experience as a user of this new product and went through a skin check using SK-II’s measurement tool. According to SK-II, 95% of their users agreed that the pores are less visible the next morning after using StemPower, and 100% agreed that they felt a new level of firmness as if the skin was renewed in 2 weeks.

I hope to share my review of this new product in due course. Meanwhile, the StemPower daily moisturizer will be available at Changi Aiport from 1 June, priced at S$149 (50g) and $219 (80g).

Two more StemPower products will also be launched in August – the Rich Cream which contains high concentration of Stem-Acanax, and the Cream Compact Foundation that is formulated with essence ingredients of the StemPower.

SK-II上周在新加坡宣布推出新的StemPower护肤品,专门对抗肌肤老化问题。值得一提的是,新加坡将是全球第一个推出StemPower的国家。StemPower系列除了含有SK-II最为人知的Pitera,也富有独家研发的植物性成分Stem-Acanax,能够让肌肤在10天内更加紧实,毛孔变得细小。首先将于6月在新加坡樟宜机场发售的StemPower润肤霜价位介于新币149至219元。在8月份,SK-II也将推出StemPower 滋养霜以及粉底。

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