I have a number of friends who are based in London, currently holidaying in London, or intend to do so within these couple of months. This is a special shout-out for them, as well as for you if you are headed to the city soon. Don’t miss out on these two limited-time-only exhibitions!

1. Hermès Leather Forever Exhibition

Luxury French fashion house Hermès marks its 175th anniversary with this Leather Forever exhibition. Founded by Thierry Hermès in Paris in 1837, as a house of master harness-making and later saddle-making, this exhibition takes the visitor on a poetic journey exploring Hermès’ love of this fine material, presenting items from Hermès’ past, such as those commissioned by the Duke of Windsor for his Duchess as well as some of its latest creations.

Hermès is renowned for its iconic handmade leather handbags such as the Kelly and the Birkin, the accessory of choice for a host of celebrities, from the late Grace Kelly and Lady Gaga to Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham. At this exhibition, you will be able to witness craftspeople from the Hermès workshops in Paris demonstrating the art of leather working by creating some of its iconic bags in situ.

LOCATION: 6 Burlington Gardens, London W1.
DATE: 8th May – 27th May, 20128th May – 27th May, 2012
HOURS: The exhibition is open Monday to Sunday 10 am until 6 pm and on Fridays until 10pm.
ADMISSION: Free to all visitors.

2. Christian Louboutin Retrospective

This exhibition showcases Christian Louboutin’s twenty years of designs and inspiration, revealing the artistry and theatricality of his shoe design from stilettos to lace-up boots, studded sneakers and bejewelled pumps.

Drawing from Christian Louboutin’s personal archive, the exhibition presents his celebrated shoe designs, referencing the origins of the iconic red sole, through to the latest Louboutin collections including a range for men and desirable handbags.

LOCATION: Design Museum (Shad Thames, London SE1 2YD)
DATE: 1st May – 9th July, 2012
OPENING: 10.00 -17.45 daily. Last admission: 17.15
ADMISSION: £10.00 Adults, £9.00 Concessions, £6.00 Students, under 12s Free.

Enjoy and do share with me some photos if you visited the exhibitions!

目前在伦敦,或者即将出发到伦敦的朋友们,请注意了。爱马仕以及Christian Louboutin分别在伦敦举行回顾展览。爱马仕庆祝175周年,回顾成立以来具代表性的设计,也特别请到来自法国工作室的成员现场示范经典款皮包的制作过程。Christian Louboutin则在著名的Design Museum回顾20年来的的作品以及设计灵感。展品全部也是Christian Louboutin的私人珍藏,呈献他最为人熟悉的设计,细诉经典红鞋底的起源,同时展示品牌的最新系列,包括精选男装和华丽手袋。爱马仕Leather Forever展览将于5月底结束,而Christian Louboutin的回顾展览则开放至7月上旬。

Images: Hermes, Christian Louboutin

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