I am not sure whether the idea of a “Bridal Fragrance” is popular over here in Singapore. But if you think through the bridal preparation process, you have spent so much time on your gown, hair, makeup, jewellery, shoes and bouquet (with specific colours and flowers in mind) for the grand occasion, you should not forget the important final piece to the puzzle – the scent.

The selection of the fragrance would depend on the theme of wedding, as well as the personality and preference of the bride. What is the impression that the bride would like to create? A romantic ambience? Elegance? Or a warm and cozy feeling?

Aura by Swarovski launched a new Collection Mariage, specifically “to transport every woman into an Aura of Love”.

(left) Light EDT Natural Spray, 50ml (S$100), Crystal Gloss Makeup Jewel with sparkling gloss for lips (S$100). The collection is available at Swarovski boutiques and Sephora outlets.

The packaging is printed with a pattern of the lace veil with little floral prints all over, signifying a spring wedding with refreshing floral notes. In terms of the scent, the Mariage collection smells slightly different from the original Aura by Swarovski, as it has a more intense top note – which is a lot sweeter and more floral – but subsides to a more musky accord thereafter.

I think the Makeup Jewel makes a really cute bridal present. The lip gloss is suitable for everyday use and would remind the bride of the most important day of her life every time she adorns the gift.

Here are some tips for brides on perfume application during your big day.

1. Other than applying the fragrance to pulse points: behind the ears, on the wrists, behind the knees, on the small of the back, add some to the cleavage.

2. The fragrance could also be applied to your hair – which is why Aura by Swarovski Collection Mariage also comes with a Perfuming Hair Mist (S$65) . Otherwise, you could spray the fragrance on your hands, clap your hands to get rid of the alcohol before running your hands through your hair.

3. Spray your fragrance before getting into your wedding gown. Some sprays might damage the fabric, so be cautious when you reapply your fragrance throughout the day.

4. If your fragrance comes with body lotion or body cream, you could layer your scent by applying these products first, before applying the EDP. This helps to make your fragrance last longer.

To my dear friends who are getting married this year, please stay calm and do not be alarmed if I go around you sniffing your scent at your wedding!

婚礼当天的香水其实扮演着重要的角色。除了能过帮助营造新人所希望达到的氛围,也能够让新娘回味婚礼的美好回忆。因此,在选择香水方面,需要考虑到婚礼的地点,天气,以及想要散发的气氛。Aura by Swarovski最近推出了限量婚礼香水系列,让新娘仿佛成了美丽的花园仙子,散发温暖、甜蜜的夏日婚礼香气。

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