I guess this doesn’t happen often – I am referring to the experience of shopping with 8 celebrities, and some 411 members from the media and public. At the back of my head, I was wondering what would I do if I were eyeing the same item as Rebecca Lim or Joanne Peh, and only 1 piece is available. But well, that’s a highly unlikely scenario considering that I am evidently 1 to 2 sizes larger than them.

(from left) Mediacorp artistes Joanne Peh, Qi Yuwu, Julie Tan, Dai Yang Tian, Rui En, Zhang Zhenhuan and Zhou Ying.

We were among the first group to shop at the spanking new Uniqlo store – the largest in Singapore – at Bugis+ (formerly known as Illuma) during the preview party. The Mediacorp artistes were outfitted by Uniqlo.

Qi Yuwu and Rui En showcased Uniqlo’s tailored linen jackets from the new Summer collection.

Brand ambassador Rebecca Lim posed for a photograph while shopping!

Joanne Peh in a cute Hello Kitty get-up.

Now I know that Qi Yuwu is very serious about his shopping.

Non-celebrities like me and X-Wen played the role of shopaholics cum paparazzi for the night.

I managed to bag something for myself and my family members. And nope, I didn’t have to snatch the last item from anybody.

优衣库Uniqlo在新加坡,店开了一家又一家。几天前,在Bugis+(之前名为Illuma)举行了preview party,庆祝该在该购物商场开设新加坡最大的优衣库店。当天的派对邀请了不少新传媒艺人,各个身穿优衣库休闲服饰,星味十足。本人也乐得当一晚的“狗仔”,捕捉艺人们的倩影。看了不同艺人的打扮,您欣赏那一个优衣库look呢?

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