I hardly review drugstore cosmetics on this blog. But I have recently discovered some gems that come in pocket-friendly prices and good quality.

(from left) Kate Real Create Eye Shadow (S$27), Maybelline Magnum Volume Express Mascara (S$19.90), Kate Super Sharp Liner (S$17.00), L’Oreal Color Infaillible (S$14.90)

I created a “Day Look” with the Kate Real Create Eye Shadow, Kate Super Sharp Liner and Maybelline Magnum Volume Express. Here is a comparison of my lashes with and without the mascara.

The complete Day Look.

Kate Real Create Eye Shadow (S$27): The colours are very shimmery and quite pigmented – I got a bit shocked when the darkest brown shade turned out rather intense at first application. The shimmers and smooth texture are characteristic of a true blue Japanese brand, and the colours looked flattering on Asian skin tone. With 5 colours in the palette, I was able to create a day smokey eye easily, with the lightest “glow” colour as the liner to my waterline.

Kate Super Sharp Liner (S$17): I have been a loyal fan of Kate eyeliners since I discovered the Japanese super sharp eyeliners some 4 years ago. They are not only fine and a breeze to draw, but the product is quite long-lasting and therefore a godsend for folks with oily eyelids like me. The eyeliner does sometimes run a wee bit after a full 8-hour day but this is by far, the longest staying eyeliner that I have come across.

For the Night Look, I simply layered on the L’Oreal Color Infaillible in shade Flashback Silver. I also applied mascara on my lower lashes.

Maybelline Magnum Volume Express (S$19.90): I was amazed by this mascara after the recent Let’s Care and Celebrate workshop, when I saw the girls from Pertapis worked their magic with the product. And mind you, most of the girls didn’t have much experience with cosmetics at all. I used the tips shared by Larry Yeo and left the mascara to dry a little before I layered them in a zig-zag manner. Voila, I had voluminous lashes and they are smudge-free after 8-hour wear! I am relatively new to mascara application on the lower lashes but the process wasn’t messy at all.

L’Oreal Color Infaillible (S$14.90): This product has been raved by several beauty bloggers for its highly intense shimmery texture, which is almost a cheaper doppelganger of Giorgio Armani’s Eye to Kill Eyeshadow. Unlike Shiseido’s Shimmering Cream Eye Colour, this product is actually a highly pressed eye shadow powder with a velvety texture. I highly recommend everyone to grab a pot of this product not just for its attractive price point, but its ease of application and colour payoff. For office ladies who are off for a party or event after work, just dab on an intense shade with your fingers and you are ready to go.

化妆品的选择繁多,平价产品当中也有质地佳的。借此文章向大家推荐来自Kate,L’Oreal以及Maybelline的化妆品。Kate是日本Kanebo的平价品牌,眼影以及眼线笔的质地不输给一些价位较高的日本品牌。尤其是其极细眼线笔,我可是这产品的忠实支持者。由于本人的眼皮很容易出油,试了这么多家的眼线笔,唯有Kate的这支产品能够不脱落,维持超过8小时。Maybelline的睫毛膏则令我刮目相看,不费吹灰之力就能够化出长而浓密的睫毛,而且非常持久。本人尝试用此睫毛膏刷下睫毛,过程简单,产品也不会粘到皮肤。L’Oreal Color Infaillible 眼影近日广受美容博客推崇。其产品的颜色非常鲜艳有光泽,抹上去的感觉非常柔滑。价格非常便宜,一次购入几个颜色好配搭衣服也不会觉得浪费。

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