For those who have not read my previous post, SK-II launched the first product of its new StemPower series recently at Nuance Watson. The StemPower Moisturizer targets primary signs of skin ageing such as dryness, pores, texture, radiance and lack of firmness, and apparently enables users to feel radical firmness in 10 days.

So here’s the question everyone is asking: Did the product live up to its claims?

I used the StemPower moisturiser at night for about 12 days. My regime started with my toner, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, followed by the StemPower moisturizer.

Texture wise, the moisturizer gel is lightweight, non-greasy and gets absorbed into the skin quite easily with some massaging. However I was careful not to apply too much a wollop at one go because the gel is actually rather rich. In fact, on the first day of application, I was too generous on the oilier parts of my face such that a few tiny red bumps appeared on the side of my nose the morning after. Fortunately, these bumps soothed after I adjusted the amount of product used.

So case in point, folks with sensitive skin, please be easy with the moisturizer as a little goes a long way. Also, the recommended method of application is to massage the product to enhance absorption and aid the firming process.

After 10 days, the most obvious results lied in the size of my pores. Those huge pores on my nose were now smaller and less visible. I didn’t experience much “radical firmness” – I choose to believe because my skin is moderately firm to begin with – but radiance of skin tone and suppleness were apparent.


If you are a SK-II user aged 25 above who is looking for a richer night moisturizer, I would recommend this product. The price of S$149 (50g) and S$219 (80g) is a reasonable price to pay for a firming and pore minimizing moisturizer which works well with your current regime. I have been disappointed by so many products that claim to eliminate large pores such that the StemPower came really as a pleasant surprise because my pores were reduced in just a matter of days! However, I have not tried the SK-II Skin Signature so I am unable to compare which is better.

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本人连续12天试用SK-II新推出的StemPower抗衰老精华霜, 效果相当不错。除了该产品能够有效滋润肌肤,最明显的改变应该是毛孔在几天后变得细小,有点儿不可思议。目前仅在新加坡樟宜机场出售,正在使用其他SK-II产品的您,不妨试试增添StemPower精华霜至您的护肤阵容。

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