I was at The Outnet Media Trunk Show last week and previewed a selection of shoes, bags and dresses. For the uninitiated, The Outnet is the sister website of Net-a-Porter, and it is literally an online outlet store, selling past season items at a good discount.

Amongst the numerous pretty things on display, I spied a Hervé Léger bandage dress on the rack. That poor dress was heavily scrutinized and caressed by yours truly.  I have been curious for a long while because it seems that this type of dress has magic powers. With its numerous “bandage strips”, which are mostly rayon, the dress is able to contour and accentuate the right curves.

My 3 Hervé Léger picks from The Outnet: Bandage Dress, Zip-front Bandage Dress, Geometric Jacquard Bandage Dress

Hervé Léger is probably the classic of bodycon dresses. Started in 1985 by a designer named Hervé L. Leroux, he was walking through a factory and saw some old bands of fabric. Leroux had the idea to ‘wrap’ them next to each other to create a form-fitting dress. This type of bodycon dress became wildly popular in the 80s and 90s. In 1999, Max Azria Group acquired Hervé Léger.

Celebrities in Hervé Léger: Blake Lively, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Katy Perry

The key is: you don’t need a perfect body to wear it. While the dress is very tight-fitting, the material is able to shape the womanly curves accordingly, i.e. holding in areas that need to be tucked in and accentuating areas that need to be augmented.

The design may appear explicitly sexy, you could drape a long jacket and pumps for the office, and replace them with hot stilettos for the night. Very versatile and definitely a fashion classic.

Given that the original price of the dresses usually cost more than £1000, you can check out the array of discounted Hervé Léger on The Outnet here. Meanwhile, to see pictures of other pretty things (such as a pair of denim studded Christian Louboutins), view my Facebook album!

上周出席The Outnet的预览会,在众多美丽事物当中发现了一件Hervé Léger的束身连衣裙。本人对该连衣裙观察了很久,发现这剪裁与质料与市面上类似的束身服饰相当不同。不需要太姣好的身材,也能够穿上Hervé Léger的服饰。捆绑式设计,有塑身作用,雕刻完美曲线,展现曼妙身材。Hervé Léger服饰原价通常超过1000英镑。若有兴趣购买这时尚经典服饰,可考虑到 The Outnet看看。


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