You know how much I love Capri. It would be so great if the Guerlain x Emilio Pucci makeup collaboration was launched earlier, so I could actually wear the Terra Azzurra collection during my vacation at the island off Italian coast!

I was at the launch of this collection 2 weekends ago and learnt some valuable tips from local makeup artist, Larry Yeo on how to create the “Luxurious Holiday Look“. I have edited a video so that you can learn from him at the comfort your home/office.

Here are some snapshots of the Terra Azzurra makeup collection. The makeup items are mostly tinted blue or coral, the IT shades this summer. Most importantly, the packaging and the makeup pouches are emblazoned with the signature Pucci prints, enabling you to jet off with style.

The day look, as you have seen on the video tutorial.

The luxurious holi-night look, whereby the Terracotta Kohl Kajal and the coral shade of the eyeshadow palette were utilised.

夏日炎炎,是否已经安排到某个小岛度假?最近,Guerlain与 Emilio Pucci携手合作推出名为Terra Azzurra的彩妆系列,为大家打造高贵的夏日妆容。本地知名化妆师Larry Yeo向大家介绍如何运用这些产品化出既典雅又休闲的度假妆容。希望大家能够从中吸取一些上妆的小贴士。

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