I might have mentioned this before, whilst I love the effect of long luscious lashes (who doesn’t?) and I adore the falsies, I don’t often have the luxury of time to put on elaborate makeup on a day-to-day basis. I haven’t had much luck with creating the oomph on my lashes with mascara till very recently, after I have used the Browhaus Extend Lash and Brow Serum.

Long story short, my lashes grew longer and were able to produce better curls with the lash curler. Two coats of mascara and I achieved my ideal curled natural lashes that lasted for several hours.

With a sharp brush tip, the Extend serum resembles a transparent eyeliner. Rather than to coat your lashes with the serum, you are supposed to line the product at the root of the eyelashes, similar to the way you use an eyeliner. Browhaus advised that the serum should be applied as the final step of the skincare regime at night.

This serum can be applied on the eyebrows too to encourage hair growth at the brow area. Phenoxyethanol is listed as the last item in the ingredient list. I believe the amount used should be very very small, as I didn’t feel any irritation at my eye area.


This product really works. I wasn’t religious in applying the serum night after night but I observed noticeable difference after about a month. As compared to the Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash, Extend focuses on length while Mavala emphasises on volume.

Priced at S$95.23 (inclusive of GST), you can check them out at any Browhaus outlet in Singapore (or the region).

最近,我终于发掘卷翘睫毛的秘诀。使用来自Browhaus 的 Extend Serum,我的眼睫毛在一个月内变长了。拥有较长的睫毛,使用睫毛夹后,能够得到更明显的卷翘效果。之后再搽上两层睫毛膏让睫毛看似浓密迷人。这产品价格虽然贵了些,也没有增加睫毛浓密度,但是能够让它有效增长。当然,若您有其他类似产品推荐,不妨留言!

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