I’m no expert manicurist. Before you wonder my audacity to showcase a nails DIY, I just wanted to share a simple manicure idea which I think all of you might do an even better job than me!

Items I used: Dior Vernis shade Incognito, Laqa & Co Nail Polish Pen shade “Bells & Whistles” and Orly Flawless Fix Nail Corrector Pen

Apply base coat, followed by a coat of the first shade – in my example I am using Incognito from Dior Vernis.

Dab on the “splatter” layer. I used the Laqa & Co Nail Pen because the brush tip is a bit finer than usual nail polishes. Nonetheless, this is not fine enough to do fancy manicure, in my opinion. I dabbed on the “blobs”” in a very random fashion.

Apply top coat to give your manicure some glaze. Clean the untidy edges of your manicure with the Orly Fix Nail Corrector pen.

The final look again (this picture was taken one week later so the manicure looked a bit worn).

What do you think? If you have attempted this, do show me a picture! 🙂


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