The London Olympics has officially started, and it’s time to get heady about sporty pursuits. I believe one thing I did right this year was to get started with jogging. I have never been a fan of exercising but I am glad that I got past the inertia and started running regularly.

Moreover, the fashion scene has been oozing with sporty chic recently in line with the Olympics festivities. If you have been deliberating about starting your exercise regime, I hope that these trendy sportswear would help you get into the spirit of athleticism. After all, no one wants to hit the gym or the tracks looking less than fabulous.

This pair of Krypton leggings from London-based Lucas Hugh would be sufficient to get me jogging for more than once a week!

Lulu Lemon, an athletics label from the US focused on yoga and running wear, has designed a cute skirt for running!

Of course, who can forget adidas by Stella McCartney when it comes to designer sportswear?

And with that, I have compiled a wish list for fashion forward sports wear.

(Clockwise from left) Lucas Hugh Isis Body suit, Juicy Couture Charm Elastics, adidas by Stella McCartney Run Printed Tights, Nike Exclusive Free Running Spotted Sneakers, Marc by Marc Jacobs Neoprene Universal Case.

First, I’m not sure whether the dotted Nike sneakers is fit for running but it looks too adorbs to be missed! According to the product information, these shoes have been crafted with a textile upper and a lightweight cushioned rubber sole, with a breathable single-layer upper for a flexible and custom fit. Sounds decent!

Next, if you do not like to carry an arm band – which is what I am currently wearing to my runs – you could opt for the neon Neoprene case from Marc by Marc Jacobs and loop the purse at a loop on your apparel, or around your arm.

So, wait no further. Have fun shopping and exercising, ladies!


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