Allow me to be brutally honest here. One big reason why I was at Avalon two Fridays ago, was to see Godfrey Gao in person!

As the ambassador of SK-II Men, the Taiwanese model-actor was in town to celebrate the launch of  three men’s skincare products – Facial Treatment Essence, Moisturizing Cleanser and Moisturizer –  in Singapore market.

On stage with Sheila Sim and Utt.


The highlight of the night was our group picture with Godfrey the man! Thanks to Moonberry for making it happen! It was a mere few minutes and I didn’t know what to say to him while X-Wen was making small talk. I did noticed that his complexion was flawless though. Judging from the fact that he just landed from Milan that morning, I didn’t see any effect of dehydrated or fatigued skin from flying.

Photos with the other beauty bloggers – Shirleen, Mag and Sophia!

The three new products for the men. Ladies, you can buy this trio for your men and who knows? They might end up bearing some resemblance to Godfrey!

Check out a video of him on stage with Utt and Sheila. I am very smitten by Asian men who speak good English.

Till the next event… Swoon.

台湾帅气男明星高以翔前些时候抵达新加坡,庆祝SK-II在本地推出男性护肤系列。能够一睹帅哥的风采,本人当然不放过这难得的机会。高以翔接受司仪采访时,分享自己使用SK-II的经历,表示使用该品牌的护肤品之后,化妆师认为他的皮肤好得不需要补妆了。当天与他合照时,注意到他姣好的肌肤,根本没有显露赶搭飞机,时差等疲惫的痕迹。看来大伙儿应该为自己的男友购买这新出炉的男性系列。Who knows? 过些时候他的皮肤或许能够与高以翔媲美!

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