Finally, the images of Karl Lagerfeld’s holiday makeup collection with shu uemura has been unveiled. And the good news is, the collection will be fronted by a mascot affectionately known as “mon shu“, which was sketched by the designer himself.

Are you ready to check out the rest of the 17-piece collection?

Every item is adorned with the innocent look of mon shu – the girl with red eyes. Other than the usual products such as UV underbase, Rouge Unlimited, eye and cheek palettes, nail varnishes etc, I spied a new item in shu uemura’s product suite – nail stickers featuring mon shu.

“Bonjour! Hello! Konichiwa! I am mon shu girl, Karl Lagerfeld was so inspired by shu uemura and Japanese manga, he created me. I am on a mission to bring beauty to girls all around the world! Lately, I’ve been curious and eager to pop out the atelier of Karl,” says mon shu.

“It was not easy to make a limited choice with all the things they have and do,” explained Karl Lagerfeld. “It all was supposed to go with the doll I designed for them, the mood, the spirit.”

shu uemura’s star product the UV underbase mousse will be specially packaged with mon shu’s illustration and the letters “SUKL” (short for shu uemura Karl Lagerfeld) in this special makeup collection.

Even the falsies for this collection is whimsical, with thick strips of fabric print.

Here’s a closer look at the lashes from the SUKL collection. Quirky!

There will be two different eye and cheek palettes – one in smokey green and the other in smokey purple.

The collection is likely to be available here in November this year. I am so glad that there is no silhouette or image of Karl Lagerfeld in this collection, as compared to his previous makeup collaboration with Sephora.  I do enjoy the unpolished and innocent imagery that he created for shu uemura a lot more.

Karl Lagerfeld与植村秀的特别假日系列,消息传了很久。最近,该系列的照片终于公诸于世。Karl Lagerfeld为了这次的合作设计了天真可爱的mon shu小妹妹,作为系列的主角。许多植村秀的招牌产品如UV Under Base、 睫毛夹等等都印上mon shu小妹的肖像。除此之外,植村秀也特别推出mon shu小妹美甲贴,因该是该品牌第一次推出这种产品。这个特别假日彩妆系列应该会在今年11月出炉。大家一起期待mon shu小妹的倩影吧!

Images: Sassi Sam

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