Just how many different fragrances does a girl need?

Just like the numerous dresses, accessories, shoes and bags that a girl can never own enough of.

If Penhaligon’s Peoneve were a dress, I think it would be a breezy turquoise skater dress with water colour brush prints and a v-cut back. To summarise, this scent is akin to a feminine dress with some flirty appeal suitable for the warm and fuzzy summer season.

With violet leaves as head notes, and peony as well as Bulgarian rose as the heart notes, this scent is unlike the usual sweet floral perfume. It is strong yet refreshing, as if you were immersed in an English garden. However, it ends off with a warm and earthy feel, accentuated by the base notes comprising of vetiver, musk and cashmere wood. Whilst the Bulgarian rose forms part of the fragrance’s essence together with peony, this is no regular rose fragrance – I would recommend you to try the house’s Elizabethan Rose if you are a fan of traditional rose scent. The Peoneve is a uniquely feminine scent with a bit of spunk and mischief.

The luscious scent is quite enduring, and has the ability to last through the day. Because words fail me, I would recommend you to take a whiff at the Penhaligon’s boutique (ION Orchard) when the fragrance becomes available on 1st September. The Peoneve will be retailing at S$220 (50ml) and S$310 (100ml).

一个女生需要多少不同的香水?香水犹如饰品,顺着不同场合配搭不一样的香水,散发不一样的氛围。英国老字号Penhaligon’s新出炉的香水 Peoneve,特别清新,却又有浓郁的牡丹以及玫瑰香。这香水宛如一个女人在英式花园赤着脚奔跑,有些冲动,但又热情清爽。Peoneve将在9月出炉,建议大家届时不妨到乌节路Penhaligon’s专卖店嗅一嗅着英式夏日花园的感觉。

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