If you have been plagued with adult acne problems and have tried many different blemish creams to no avail, perhaps you could give this Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque a shot.

Available in the US at only US$4.71  for a whooping 230g of product, this has been my savior from most pimples.

Like most clay masques, you should apply this product after cleansing. Allow the masque to dry for about 15 minutes – I leave it on for more than an hour sometimes – and then wash it off. While you can use this on your entire face, I usually only apply the masque on my pimple. Most of the time, my pimples would dry up or diminish. For more severe cystic acne, I would use the masque a couple of times every night, followed by a blemish gel (Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Gel) before I go to bed.

The ingredients in the masque look simplistic enough, but comprise of a lot of “no-no” – Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben. Nonetheless, despite the unacceptable fragrance-alcohol-paraben ingredients, this product works so well on me that I really couldn’t praise it enough.

Have any of you tried this masque before? What are your method to combat blemishes?

尝试过这么多不同的护肤品,发现价格并不代表产品有效或适用。例如我常用的Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque ,区区5美元,却能够帮助抵挡豆豆的困扰,清除暗疮。乍看这产品的原料,含有令人抗拒的香水,酒精以及尼泊金。即使如此,试过了竟发现它能够将豆豆“榨干”,防止它们大肆滋长。我通常把这面膜抹在豆豆上,大概一小时后将它清洗干净。若豆豆情况严重,或化脓,可考虑一天用上几次,睡前再涂上除暗疮药膏。与所有在愁如何抗豆的朋友们共勉之,希望这介绍对大家有帮助。

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