You know how we girls sometimes just want to own a piece of our boyfriends’ belonging? It could be wearing the boyfriend’s shirt, his jeans or graphic tees, just to feel a sense of closeness and affection.

I guess next time, you can consider borrowing your boyfriend’s clutch.

Dress: Vero Moda | Necklace: Vintage Hollywood (Courtesy of Mootta) | Belt: Zara |
Clutch: Courtesy of Coach | Shoes: Nine West

A close-up of the Legacy Envelope Clutch from Coach’s Men’s collection. I love my arm candy to be in plain, solid leather and I totally think that ladies can carry this men’s bag too.

On another note, I love the pastel crystal necklace from Korean brand Vintage Hollywood. I have been on the prowl for such pastel and neon statement necklaces recently.

Anyway, I digressed. Back to the topic of boyfriends. Which fashion item have you borrowed from your boyfriend? Pray tell and spread the love around!

Photography: Billy Poh (Writing Of Light)

Boyfriend 时尚已流传一阵子。恋爱中的女生穿上男朋友的上衣,或牛仔裤,看起来有些不羁,又有些性感。除了偷穿男友的衣服之外,不妨考虑“借用”他的手袋。本人尝试配搭Coach男性系列的Legacy Envelope Clutch, 觉得这样简单大方的皮包,女生也可以拥有或携带。您穿过男友的哪些物品? 不妨留言与大家分享!

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