As a blog that attempts to propagate classy, wearable styles, I find it incredulous that I have never blogged about Grace Kelly. Perhaps she was way before my time, but this lady was the inspiration of the famous Hermès Kelly Bag, the Capri pants and the recent jewellery collection at Montblanc.

Grace Kelly (or Princess Grace after her marriage) through the years. It is uncanny to see how her elegant and timeless dress outfits are actually feasible even in the current era.

More day-to-day casual styles.

I believe the secret to her timeless style is the perfect fit of every piece of garment. Note how her capri pants fit well and looks comfortable at the same time. Also characteristic of her time, circle skirts and dresses with nipped-in waists were in vogue. For accessories, her penchant for pearls and classic diamond pieces was apparent.

(clockwise from top left) Miu Miu belted cotton and linen blend shirt dress, Kate Spade Cropped Micah Jacket, Forzieri Moreschi Twill Silk Square Scarf, Christian Louboutin Decollete Calfskin Pointed-Toe Pumps, Penhaligon’s Peoneve EDP (tavailable in Singapore from 1 September 2012), Montblanc Princesse Grace de Monaco Fine Jewellery Collection – Pétales de Rose Bracelet and Earrings, Smythson Antonia Medium Bag, Estee Lauder Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick in Princess Grace Coral

In my Grace Kelly inspired collage, I tried to introduce the contemporary colour combination of purple and coral, accessorizing with a silk square scarf – apparently the Princess used an Hermès scarf as a sling for her injured arm. In terms of shoes and bag, I opted for the classic black combination of Christian Louboutin shoes and a new favorite of mine – the Smythson Antonia leather bag.

Jewellery was an easy choice of the fine jewellery collection from Montblanc inspired by the protagonist herself. The Pétales de Rose jewellery pieces are now available at Montblanc boutiques here. Don’t forget to admire some exquisite bling at the Haute Joaillerie Travelling Exhibition this month in the Mandarin Gallery store.

To complete the look, I would spritz some Penhaligon’s Peoneve, a new fragrance that is launched in the middle of this month in the UK and in Singapore on 1st September. The notes comprise of violet leaf, peonies, Bulgarian rose and Hedione, and is a calm refreshing floral scent. If I had my way, my lip colour would be the limited edition colour in memory of Princess Grace from Estee Lauder. Launched in 2007, this shade is no longer for sale.

已故的Grace Kelly算是时尚界最早期的教主之一。她简约高贵的穿着,从50年代跨越至今时今日,还是非常大方入流。本人认为,当中的诀窍在于选择适合自己身型,剪裁符合身材的服饰。例如,有腰身的连衣裙,以及直筒剪裁的中长裤。饰品方面,她的选择一向为典雅的珍珠或钻石首饰。万宝龙最近所推出的Pétales de Rose系列,灵感来源便是来自Grace Kelly本人,配搭我所推荐的珊瑚色的连衣裙以及紫色外套加丝巾等物品,大家觉得这样的outfit如何?

Image credits: Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire

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