I let out a Singlish exclamation when I saw this picture. WAH.

A wedding photo series titled “Almond Orchard in Bloom” shot by husband and wife photography team Stephanie and Isaac from Southern California, the whole set of 96 pictures was simply stunning. And breathtaking.

I have always felt that a pre-wedding shoot is unnecessary. Perhaps not. A gorgeous photo series like this could possibly be the best memento of that important day of your life.

For more information on this photo series, check out Stephanie and Isaac’s blog post here.

有生以来出席过无数场婚礼,对新人的婚纱照片特辑屡见不鲜。可是,看过来自美国夫妻档 Stephanie 和 Isaac的这个Almond Orchard in Bloom婚礼相片辑之后,真的有一股想拍婚纱照的冲动。飘逸的花瓣,迷蒙的天气,结婚的感觉不就应该这样自然烂漫吗?

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