It’s hard not to fall in love with a simple black leather bag that is structured, handsome and can take you easily from work to play.

That’s my initial impression of Alexander Wang’s Pelican Satchel. I do wonder why it is named “Pelican”. As far as I can see, this bag (and its brothers and sisters) are miles apart from the long-beaked bird.

Measuring 9.5 inches by 13 inches, the bag consists of smooth leather in the front and back, and textured leather at the side. The smooth leather does scratch easily, but that would only add more gruff and “street cred” to the lady bag.

Retailing at S$1520, the Satchel is also available in beige (Bandage) and white. If you find this structure too bulky, you could consider its slimmer younger brother, the Pelican Clutch that comes with the detachable leather shoulder strap too.

The Pelican Clutch has same length as the Satchel, but is half its height. This bag retails at S$1160.

I guess this is enough leather porn for now. If you are curious about this bag, you could pop by Alexander Wang boutique at the 2nd floor of Hilton Hotel to see the real deal!

Alexander Wang这来自纽约的年轻设计师,设计一向流行感重,倾向前卫时髦的风格。今年秋冬所推出的Pelican Satchel似乎颠覆之前庞科的Rocco或Kirsten包包,走向较稳重典雅的路线。然而,Pelican包包采用两种不同的皮革。前后两边采用滑面牛皮,左右两旁则用上较粗面的牛皮(textured leather)。若对这系列的皮包感到好奇,不妨到位于新加坡Hilton酒店2楼的Alexander Wang探个究竟!

Images: Barneys and Moda Operandi

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