This Fall, Dior has created the Golden Jungle woman, infusing the jungle motif with the luxury of the urban jungle. This is the theme behind their makeup collection, which is now available in stores.

In this post, I will attempt to create my rendition of Golden Jungle with different makeup items from Dior, including brief notes on their new products.

I used my old Benefit 10 as bronzer/blusher. The “benefits” of spring-cleaning: you never stop finding old new gems!

Diorskin Nude Fluid Foundation (S$70 for 30ml)

The new Nude Fluid Foundation is a light, runny liquid foundation which offers light and natural coverage. The revamped version contain “Nude Glow” pigments, which products better radiance with maximum hydration. I applied the foundation with a dense brush and it gives a soft and velvety finish like most of my other liquid foundations. In terms of coverage, the lightweight fluid doesn’t conceal much scars or pores at first application but you could cover up by dabbing more of the product.

The aim of the Nude Fluid Foundation is “to give the right kind of coverage without masking the skin’s texture”. For those who are blessed with naturally smooth skin and little blemishes, I think this foundation is perfect in providing sufficient coverage without looking overly dolled up. However, for those who expects more “bang” from your liquid foundation – eg, to cover up your pimples or smooth the bumpy skin surface – this product might not meet your expectations. I also noticed that this foundation might run a little after a while on oily parts of the skin.

Nonetheless, for fans of liquid foundation, this feathery lightweight product that has been highly raved by many beauty lovers is definitely worth your consideration. The revamped version will be available in stores from September onwards.

Dior 5 Couleurs Eyes – Golden Savannah (S$94)

One of the key colours to achieve the “Golden Jungle” look, the palette consists of 4 shimmery shades of brown and copper, with iridescent gold colour in the centre. If you are afraid of overly glittery eye shadows, rest assured that this Dior palette has a subtle soft sheen that is multi-dimensional, yet not overpowering. The colours are highly pigmented and easy to apply and blend.

I also love the sparkly gold colour which could be used as an eyeliner, or just to highlight the inner tip of the eye. It is sparkly, yet there is little fall-out. Perfect.

Dior Serum de Rouge – Golden Beige (S$50)

Dior Serum de Rouge is a creamy and moisturizing lipstick. It also comes in a slim pen packaging embossed with Dior’s weave pattern. A nice-to-have, given its pretty packaging, sheer colour and smooth silky application.

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss – Golden Sunrise (S$41)

I never knew that  I would love a golden lip gloss – that makes me a makeup magpie – but I am a fan of this one that comes with fine glitters. Essentially a very wearable clear lip gloss with sparkles, this is great as an additional sheen over your matte lipstick, or to add a little icing over your natural lips on a dress-down day.

I really love this gloss that I think I can wear it everyday – it looks great over my everyday natural makeup – or bare face. Plus looking at lips that sparkle makes me happy.

Dior今年秋冬季的彩妆系列,主题为“金色丛林”。当中的眼影盘Golden Savannah,共有4种棕以及铜色,还有中间的金色眼影。这颜色相当独特,有些闪粉但又不太夺目。配上淡淡的nude口红以及古铜色腮红,您也可以创造自己的“金色丛林”妆容。

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