Officially on the 2nd half of the year, here are some interesting bits on my Facebook Fan Page during the month of July!

[10th July 2012] Just found out the world’s first Hello Kitty Beauty Spa is opened in Dubai. You can get kitty manicure there… [link]

No one knows why the Hello Kitty spa is set up in Dubai, and not at her motherland Japan. But I guess this is reason enough for a girl to visit Dubai.

[10th July 2012] Chocolates? Nope… these are eye shadow palettes from shu uemura Singapore! Their “flavors” are: (from top to bottom) Mint & Vanilla, Orange & Pistachio and Raspberry & Mocha. Yum! [link]

Retailing at S$110, these “chocolates” already at the counters in Singapore!

[22nd July 2012] 24 designers for Target and Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection.. this sounds epic! [link]

I can’t wait for the launch of this special holiday collection on 1 December. Not sure whether I will be able to purchase the collection online though. The last time I tried to procure some Jason Wu for Target via the website, the order was eventually canceled.

[23rd July 2012] I have been teased by NARS… @NARSissist  [link]

If you haven’t heard, NARS will be available to Singapore market at Tangs Orchard later part of this year. I have received some samples from the brand, expect a review soon. Meanwhile, all I can say is, the Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base is godsend to oily eyelids!

[25th July 2012] Lovely bangle. Almost mistook it as an architectural model. [link]

[27th July 2012] Good morning! Say Hi to this gummy bear dress, made from 50,000 pieces of candy…. [link]

This dress, with design inspired by Alexander McQueen, apparently weighed more than 100kg. Fash or Trash?

[29th July 2012] Check out the latest Youtube makeup sensation that hails from Singapore…. Golden Tan!!! She’s so good… [link]

I think the latest Singaporean Youtube makeup sensation Golden Tan has put all the rest of the bloggers who own Youtube channels and produce beauty videos (such as yours truly) to shame! Check out her videos if you haven’t!

7月份,在MsGlitzy.com面簿网页当中错失了哪些讯息?除了分享Hello Kitty在迪拜的Spa, 还有植村秀秋冬季受巧克力影响的眼影盘系列,以及Target与Neiman Marcus合作的假日系列视频。Target宣布将与24名设计师联手推出今年假日系列,预料将在12月1日推出。此外,美国彩妆品牌NARS将在今年年底进驻新加坡,该品牌已陆陆续续开始透露更多消息。最后,新加坡最近出现了一位新的Youtube彩妆达人,名为Golden Tan.看看她的视频,您或许就能够了解为什么她那么受到欢迎了。

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