I was invited to The Gift of Time exhibition by Hermès last week. Presented at the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, this exhibition is free and will run till 12th August 2012.

A sun dial depicting the origin of time.

Designed by American artist Hilton McConnico, the exhibition showcases different interpretation of time with the clever use of art, literature, science and of course the beautifully made items from Hermès.

“Hermès time does not try to master time but rather offers us the time to see and understand this ever changing world” ~ Hilton McConnico

A room full of clever ideas on how you could make better use of your free time. Think: Walk for hours to the top of a mountain just to see the sun rise in five minutes.

Multimedia presentation of time suspended.

Hermès would like the visitor to begin the walkthrough contemplating the origin of time, before continuing on to free time, time suspended, in reverence to the watch, or to the stroke of time, as a reminder of the patina on objects. Finally, time should be dedicated to a moment of sharing and to the transmission of memories and thoughts.

A spinning top, with the exhibits on the top remaining balanced and constant despite the constant revolution.

The Hermès toolbox bag oscillating as a pendulum.

Image of a cat made from different pieces of leather.

I strongly encourage you to visit this free exhibition before it closes on 12th August. One tip: remember to walk towards the railway tracks after the exhibition to enjoy a cup of artisan coffee from the pop-up U Cafe.

“The Gift of Time” Exhibition by Hermès
Location: Tanjong Pagar Railway Station
Date: 1-12 August 2012
Time: 11am to 9pm daily
Admission is free.

时间的定义是什么?或许,我们能够通过法国老牌爱马仕的时间观,从中得到一些领悟。名为”The Gift of Time”的展览会,通过艺术,文学与科学以及爱玛仕的精品,我们能够走过一趟时间之旅,了解光阴来源及力量。推荐大家在本月12日之前,细细观赏这开放给公众的展览,理解时间为礼物的含义。

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